$1000 Dollars Per Week Working from Home

$1000 Dollars Per Week

Work from home and get $1000 Per Week – Is that Real?

$1000 dollars per week , Sounds like a scam right? well, guess what, IT’S NOT !!! Not only is it possible, but we interview models every week that are achieving this and many times more. Some models are even earning $5000 a week and that is no joke. $1000 dollars per week is a highly achievable aim.

We have written this post with the sole intention of attracting the attention of people that are realists and want to have an achievable method of making serious amounts of money.

Are you one of the following?

  • Students in college
  • Mums at home
  • Guys that want to earn outside their normal jobs
  • Young people that think getting a first home is impossible

Let’s start by saying,

Nothing is impossible if you really want it

Normally that would be a great caveat to writing a post and then saying well if you do not make $1000 dollars per week , then actually you didn’t want it bad enough. This post is different, this post is a process that works. We are discussing a method of making money that is actually working for people from all around the world, every day and every hour.

What category do you put yourself in?

  • Man , woman or other
  • Black, White, Green or any other colour in between
  • Rich, Poor or in the middle
  • Located in the First World or Third World, the East or the West.
  • Young (Above 18) or Older and wiser
  • Privileged or underprivileged
  • Intelligent or not so intelligent

The list could go on forever. The truth of the matter is that, NONE OF THE ABOVE MATTER !!!! Making $1000 per week is a completely possible target for anyone and everyone.

$1000 dollars per week

$1000 Dollars Per Week Possible?

Ask yourself, does that sound like a lot of money? Well, it may sound like a lot of money if you are comparing it to a job where your employer is paying for your time and labour. Trust us when we say… it is not a lot of money and it is aboslutely possible for you to make that if you want.

The Juicy Bit

In this post, we are introducing the idea of creating digital products which are resellable assets. Those assets are the key to total financial freedom and all the choices you could want. The method is a little naughty, but all the fun things in life are right!

The adult industry is the oldest and still the fastest growing industry in the world. In this industry, demand continually outstrips supply and the reason is simple…

All people of every race, colour and creed seek to fulfil their biological needs. We all have natural urges which have been embedded into our nature and psyche as mammals….the need to procreate or at least enjoy the process of it, is a need and a desire.

The adult industry is truly evergreen and suffers no recessions or slumps. The adult industry also has a place for everyone, it’s truly inclusive because everyone brings their own personality and sexuality to the industry.

There is a place for you somewhere in the industry

Cam Models make $$$

Yes, cam models make lots of money, and if you want to be a cam model read 12 tips for being a Chaturbate Model or check out the Top Cam of the Hour page for some inspiration. We have interviewed many cam models so check out what they say by reading articles by models like Eliza Beets and Lunna .

The important thing to remember is that being a cam model means being online all the time, or as much as possible. Cam time is earning time.

In this post, we are suggesting that you create adult clips which are digital assets which will sell for you, even while you sleep. Truly creating you a passive income which goes beyond your initial effort and initial sale. You will find very quickly that $1000 dollars per week is a small amount to make.

A sexy adult clip will sell successfully for many years and become a small part of a larger and truly passive income for you.

In the world of online adult products, you are creating sexy clips, and they will be sold again and again to willing buyers, every day and every month. The demand in this market is insatiable.

$1000 dollars per week

Ready to start making money?

There are a few steps but the first and most important is,

Let your imagination run wild….

With an open mind you can create amazing content. There is no limits to what you can create. You will fast realise that $1000 dollars per week will be nothing but a stepping stone to far larger sums.

Step 1 – Choose a network

Join a network like ManyVids , OnlyFans , IWantClips or another. We mention these three because they are the most popular with the best support for models and the largest buyer traffic for the sale of your clips.

Step 2 – Create create create

The next thing is to start creating the clips. You should start by making clips in an area you are comfortable with. For example, you could do feet videos, boob videos, bums, or something more naughty. Often the best thing is to just start creating content and not worry about a niche, create and you will see what you enjoy most and what sells most.

We have interviewed models that are making $3000 dollars per week selling just foot fetish videos with no nudity….let alone the $1000 dollars per week we are discussing here. It just shows that the only limit is your imagination and tenacity to succeed.

Step 3 – Upload and sell

Upload your newly created clips into the network you have chosen and price them up. A good suggestion for pricing is to price your starter videos at around $9 for a 3 to 5-minute video. Always remember that you want to keep the clips cheap enough that no prospective buyer has to think twice about purchasing your content. Ask yourself, would you buy a clip at $9 ? if you think its too expensive then make it a little cheaper, perhaps $6.

Always keep in mind that you want to set an expectation for the pricing of your content. So always keep an approximate pricing guideline in your head, so if you sell a 3-5 minute video for $9 , then make sure you sell longer videos for more.

The key is to experiment, and see what the market will allow for your product.

Step 4 – Analyse and enjoy

Once the adult clips are online, you can monitor and analyse how they perform. The clips that sell the most, are the ones to concentrate on, create more of them.


You will find that making money by selling adult clips is easier then you thought. If you are creative and enjoy the process, it will come across to the audience in your content. Viewers that buy your adult content clips are looking for escapism and a release. Be as creative as you can, and take the time to look at other clip content creators so you can see what you like and dont like. This process will also help you decide what your personal limits are for the adult content you will create.

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Use the comments section below to tell us how you get on. We are always interested in your thoughts and experiences. Above all else, know that it is entirely possible to make $1000 dollars per week . Have fun, and explore your sexuality.

Until we meet again , Ciao , Au Revoir , Good bye . x

$1000 dollars per week

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