12 Tips for making more money on Chaturbate

12 Tips for making more money on Chaturbate

The following is a list of the finest top 12 tips for making more money on Chaturbate compiled by observing and talking to actual chat models. If you follow the tips and execute a plan, you are sure to increase your webcam model earnings. If we were selling you something, we would probably offer a money back guarantee  🙂

If you are not a cam model, but having read this far, are already so excited and confident that you can make money from home, then take the plunge and sign up. Become a cam model, click the following banner for more info and sign up for free. You can also see a consummate professional cam model in action if you read the interview with Charlennee. Also check out How to be a cam girls and make millions in 2018 as well as Top 5 tips for cam models, both of these will help you to push forward in your own journey.


12 Tips for making more money on Chaturbate


Top 12 Tips for making money on cam from home

1 – Be unique and full of energy

There is nothing more horrible than watching a dull lifeless bored cam model, sitting waiting for tips. So many models, just sit and look, as though the tips will fall on their laps. They clearly do not understand that they are a product, and the consumer is popping onto their page to buy, so its there responsibility to make themselves attractive to the purchaser. A perfect example of great energy can be seen 24/7 on Top Webcam of the Hour. Viewers have a huge choice in terms of where they will spend their tokens, so if you are sitting there lifeless or on your phone, then guess what, you are not getting the tokens. Check out Success mindset for cam models to learn more.

Nobody like energy vampires, so focus on eating right before a cam session.

Be something, whatever it is, as long as it is your personality, someone will love you for it. Wave shout and put your energy out to the viewers who will respond in kind and with tips. Show the viewer that you are a fun person and that you enjoy their company. The cam model business is essentially a one to one sale model, where you the Chaturbate model must sell directly to your buyer.

Also learn what sexual antics turn you on most, so that you can control them during your show to the best effect for your viewers.

2 – Have a cool profile that matches your services

Use your profile to tell your story, every viewer will scroll down, that is a guarantee. Whether they scroll down between switching hands, or while they let their orgasm subside for the third time in a row, they will scroll down, so make sure there is content there for them to engage with. Show off items you are selling, plus all your social media accounts, and tell a story about yourself, your like and dislikes. Some top Chaturbate performers use the profile to manage a “League table” of top spenders, so that spenders feel like they are in a tournament. This works fantastically well for many cam models as viewers tip and wrangle to get to the first position on these charts. Lastly remember that it takes Chaturbate system a few minutes, sometimes up to 2 minutes to realise you are offline, and you will be getting visitors in this time, so its more reason to have a nice profile in place.

3 –  Think like a business

There is always a misconception that if you simply sign up, you will automatically make money, this is not true. Treat your camming like a real live business, and devote to it the time and resources required to make it a success. It takes time to learn what works and what does not work, so at the start, read, listen, watch and understand why the top earners are earning what they are. They make the big bucks for a reason. Set a schedule for yourself as though you are going to the office, and stick to it. Also read our post by cam couple Dee and Doug who cam on the Chaturbate network, they have a very unique professional commercial approach to camming. You will learn a lot by following some of the timing tips offered by Dee and Doug.

4 –  Begging for tips is not a good look, don’t do it

Have you ever come out of a train station and seen people sitting around begging for tips? you might actually give them money, but you don’t enjoy it. Begging is a bad look for everyone. You have chosen to be a cam model, so set some structure to your camming, so that you keep your mindset focused and moving forward. If your cam session is not getting you the tips you desire, come offline and rethink before you head back on cam. Desperation is not pleasant to look at. Your viewers want to be entertained, they are visiting to enjoy you, so make it worth their time.

5 – Know your big spenders

After every online cam session, take the time to analyse who tipped you, and what tips they gave. Look at the way that your customer liked to talk, and the way they tipped you. There will be patterns to their behavior. Analyse and know your top tippers/customers behavior. If you spend the time to watch and learn your top spenders, you can then tailor their experience with warmer gestures when they arrive, or freebies for them. Subtlety, direct your effort towards them to make them feel special and stand out from other tippers. Most 5 star hotels have this process perfected, and as one famous chain does,  treat your Diamond members like Diamonds.

One fantastic way of making money is to encourage your top spenders to enjoy private time with you, where they can have you on their own. It is a more personal experience that some enjoy and will give large tips for.

6 – Excite visitors before you get naked

Life is about the chase, and as a wise old saying goes, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free” so start thinking about your method of engagement with viewers before you get naked. Naked is the goal, and it should a costly goal. Take the time to excite, titillate and converse with your viewers, get to know them, and let them get to know you. You want them to engage with your personality rather than just associate you with a quick masturbatory relief object. Build relationships with your viewers so that you can tailor their experience.


12 Tips for making more money on Chaturbate

7 -Use social media like Instagram and Twitter frequently

Marketing is key to any business… and in the world of cams and cam models, spreading the word is important. You cannot get tips and tokens from viewers that do not know you are there. When you start out, your cam listing will be way down near page 50 of Chaturbate, and in those dark nether regions, a visitor every 8 minutes is a reason to rejoice. You will make no money in that spot. So create Twitter and Instagram profiles and start messaging. Send cool pictures, and show your personality. Give people a reason to want to follow you and then you can announce when you are going to be online, so that viewers will follow you and watch.

Market yourself heavily, especially while you are still off Chaturbates “top” cams radar. Work to build popularity, market yourself at every chance you get. Its all free and you have lots of time at the start to get these things done. As you progress, and if you rise in the cam model world.. marketing gets easier as the networks want you to be on cam and then they will also help market you and promote for you.

8 – Experiment

Theme your time slots, or shows into areas of your genuine interest. For example, dildo shows, squirting shows, couples play if you have that ability, fetish etc. Segmenting into shows will make it easier for you to market, learn and also keep your enthusiasm up as you build followers. Doing themed shows will also uncover what types of activity is most profitable for you.

9 – Always have audio and use quality mics

It sounds silly but so many models still cam with no audio. Perhaps their personal situations do not allow them to have audio. However I can tell you that the experience for viewers is damaged and that will result in less tips being given. A clear high fidelity audio experience is key to any sexual communication. This is certainly true where the mere orgasmic groaning of a beautiful model can tip a viewer over the edge.

If possible spend on a quality audio only mic, rather then just the one which is built in to the webcam. You will easily make up the cost in tips quickly.

Talking directly to your viewers also greatly enhances engagement and the real feel adds up to users spending more and for longer in each session.

10 – Internet connection and HD video

There is no coincidence that the best featured cams on Chaturbates first few pages are high quality HD video streams. Chaturbate will run an algorithm that pushes the best connected cams forward as that will enhance the experience of the sites visitors. To ensure that you are one of those featured cams, invest in a high speed internet connection. When choosing your internet connectivity, most cam models will be attracted towards cheaper ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines) connections which essentially means that the download is greater then the upload. As you progress into cam stardom, look for SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Lines) or fiber connectivity where your download and upload speeds are same or similar.

High speed internet connectivity is important because when you are on your live cam you are uploading lots of information to the internet. This is different to when you are streaming movies or downloading web pages. Live streaming for webcams puts a different need on your internet connection.

Ultimately the better your internet connection, the faster and higher quality your streams will be. There is a direct correlation between fantastic high quality streams and increased visitors and high earning models.

11 – Always be courteous and respectful

Not every day will be a success, so learn to take the bad days with the good. Some days you will have rude customers visiting you online, and on those days, keep calm, and ban them quietly. Do not give life and breath to rude visitors as it can quickly turn the mood of the room sour, to your ultimate detriment. Always smile and be respectful. Focus on what is important, a fantastic experience for all other visitors, so that they will return to spend on another day.

12 – Get yourself a good admin

When trolls come to visit your room, negativity will follow. You do not have time to referee rude and interrupting trolls who will antagonize and bully other visitors. Authorize a good loyal admin from one of your customer base, to control the sanctity of your room while you concentrate on business.

To see how other cam models work to build their fortunes, check out the post on Colombian model Caro Ortiz and also for more tips on timing, check out Best times to broadcast on Chaturbate

If you are a student then check out the cool blog How to make money as a student

Success and earning more money on Chaturbate as with all areas of life is about focus and strategy. If you take the time to build a strategy and execute it, then you will definitely make more money.  These 12 Tips for making more money on Chaturbate will definitely help you along the way. If you want more ideas for making money by selling clips and videos as additional income, check out Make money selling clips of yourself in 2018  Happy Camming. 🙂


12 Tips for making more money on Chaturbate

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