Arielle the Rising Star of Chaturbate

Arielle a Star is Born

Every once in a while we come across a webcam model that has something unique, a personality which stands out from the crowd. We are super excited to tell you that we have come across another star in the making. We discovered her watching the cams one evening and immediately reached out to this young starlet. Many emails passed before we could sync our diaries. Finally one of our Canadian reporters was able to meet with Arielle the rising star of Chaturbate. The following is the outcome of that great interview. We truly believe that Arielle is going to be a superstar model and we envisage that she will be headlining with the major cam platforms very soon.

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Picture Courtsey of Arielle Rae

Rising Star of Chaturbate – Arielle Rae

Jacob – Welcome and we can dive straight in, is Arielle your real name or a stage/ onscreen name?

Arielle– Stage name hmm well, I had no idea what to pick for a name so I spent some time on google and Arielle Rae sounded the best to me.

Jacob – Ok wonderful Arielle, so if we start from the beginning, what did you do before you got into the world of webcams?

Arielle– I had a lot of minimum wage jobs in the past. I started working when I was 14 at Mcdonalds and the last job I had was at a cleaning company before I got into camming.

Jacob – Your only 18 now, sounds like you have a really strong work ethic. So talking about all those years ago, how were you in school college? were you one of the popular girls? and did you have lots of boyfriends in school?

Arielle – That’s kind of a tough question. When I started high school I was very outgoing and always at parties, but towards the end, I kept to myself and focused on work. A lot of the girls I grew up with were not like me at all; I always craved attention and loved having people stare at me. I’m a huge tease as well so a lot of girls thought negatively about my personality. I never had a lot of boyfriends, but a lot of “fuck buddies” if you will. 

Jacob – So sounds like you were always highly sexual, how then did you discover the world of webcams?

Arielle – My current boyfriend actually got me into it. One of his friends has a girlfriend who cams and she absolutely loves it, when we started dating he realized how kinky I was and suggested it knowing how far I could possibly go. He also likes showing me off so it’s a win-win for both of us. I had heard of webcamming before and thought “hey that’d be fun” but I was underage at the time. 4 months after I turned 18 I had my first broadcast and I was hooked!

“…4 months after I turned 18 I had my first broadcast and I was hooked!…”

Jacob – Does your family know about your profession?

Arielle – Not at the moment. My family is VERY judgemental..especially about the sex industry. My mom wants me to go to university and find a career like she did but there’s no way that’s happening. I love what I do so they’ll just have to suck it up!!

Jacob – Ooo you sound very rebellious… so outside of the adult industry, do you consider yourself a really sexual person? do you enjoy sex, fetishes etc

Arielle – YES! I love BDSM, it has to be one of my absolute favourites. Being submissive is so much fun; one of my ultimate fantasies has to be public humiliation. The thought of someone using me makes me go crazy!

Jacob – Wow that is soo sexy.. I can actually imagine you being submissive but still in control…. scary… Can I ask what is your favourite sexual body part?

Arielle – I love booty!

Jacob – Yes I can definitely see why… haha. So let’s play a game, just so that the readers can get an idea of how you think. If you won the lottery, what would you spend the money on? and would you stop being on webcam shows?

Arielle – Never! Webcamming to me has never been about the money- though it is a huge bonus. Meeting new people is one of the best things to me! I’d probably buy a really nice house, a super fancy webcam, and a Sphynx kitty because I’ve always wanted one. Taking my family and friends on a trip is also something I’ve always wanted to do.

Jacob – Wow that sounds sooo cool.. sharing is clearly a part of your dreams for the future. Tell me a little more about you, are you married or in a partnership, do you have children?

Arielle – I’ve been in a relationship for about 9 months now. I personally never want kids, only animals.

Jacob – Ahh ok , well I guess you are quite young still. Tell me something we would never guess about you? something shocking or unusual?

Arielle – There’s really nothing that’s overly shocking about me, I’m pretty average. The girl next door you might say….hehehehe 


Picture Courtsey of Arielle Rae


Jacob – Are you enjoying being on Twitter ? I see you have some twitter followers already?

Arielle – Yes! Twitter is way better than most social media tools in my opinion. I intend to really build my following there and grow my fanbase, and really communicate with them as I grow. 

Jacob – What are your career goals, do you think this camming will meet your career and financial goals?

Arielle – My career goals are this honestly; I love being an entertainer! I’m looking into agencies to sign with so I can do adult videos for porn companies because that would be fun. I am really at the start of this journey.

Jacob – Well we look forward to following and supporting your career where possible. Now..what is the single most expensive thing you have ever purchased?

Arielle – I’m not too sure, probably my laptop. I am not that extravagant.

Jacob – What was the single biggest tip or payout you ever had from webcam sites like Chaturbate ?

Arielle – My best day on Chaturbate I made $175 in about 3 hours.

Jacob – Wow that is not bad for a newbie… well moving forward that will be dwarfed. Moving on , what is the weirdest thing that you have ever been asked to do on webcam or in private chat?

Arielle – I don’t find most things weird! I have a pretty open mind and there hasn’t been anything that I’ve found super out of the ordinary. Sometimes people ask me if I have fuzzy sweaters which I find kinda odd.

Jacob – Sounds like you just take things in your stride. So nice to hear that. So where do you live currently? and if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Arielle – Currently I live in Alberta, Canada. If I could live anywhere in the world I’d probably live in Victoria, or anywhere in California.

Jacob – Your clearly a fan of the Americas… great reasons to be. What does the future hold for you?

Arielle – I really want to travel and meet new people. Making a name for myself as a camgirl is something I’m also dedicated to pursuing. I’d also like to make a decent amount of money so I can live comfortably. At this stage I am not even sure what a “decent amount” looks like. 

Jacob – So last question, and thank you so much for your time today, of all the amateur webcam networks out there, is there one that you like the most ? Chaturbate , Bongacams , MFC , Stripchat ?

Arielle – Chaturbate is definitely my favourite out of them all! When I started I had issues with setting up my payments and the staff was insanely quick with responding to my emails and super helpful. I would like to think they are the best.

Jacob – Well thank you for your time Arielle, and we have high hopes for your future. Stay strong, and keep those tokens flowing. Ciao


Info to keep you going all night long by Arielle

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