Charlennee Chaia – Interview with an Inked Amateur Webcam Model

Charlennee Interviewed in Paris

Charlennee Chaia first caught my eye with her “Toesday” tweets showcasing her sexy feet. This initial curiosity led me searching for her on the various amateur webcam sites like Chaturbate , Bongacams and Stripchat. My initial impression of Charlennee was that she was a sexy inked vixen, who loved performing and pleasing the crowds that gathered at her webcam shows. She clearly had a fetish for feet and toes which she displayed across her social media.

As time passed and I watched her perform again and again I realized that there is more to Charlennee then meets the eye. She understands webcam modelling and naturally does many of the tips you can watch on Top Cam of the Hour or read in Top tips or Success Mindset for Cam Models

Tattoos or “Ink” are a special part of this sexy amateur webcam models arsenal of treats. The ink is a defining feature because normally webcam models avoid being too visibly tattooed. Charlennee however really enjoys it, and its a strong part of her identity.

One of the things that sets apart the best cam girls is the ability to make your own personality shine, and Charlennee does that. For more ideas on being unique and making money online check out How to Make Money Online being a Cam Girl


Meeting Charlennee for the first time

I reached out to Charlennee many months ago, in the hope of snagging an interview with her. However, it was just not possible with her amazingly busy schedule,  online cam, photo and video shoots. I then saw that she was coming on holiday to Europe, and decided it was worth asking her again. Thankfully she accepted my invitation to interview her, as long as I bought the coffee and desserts.

I finally met Charlennee on a beautifully sunny day, in a small coffee shop on the outskirts of Paris. She smiled warmly as we greeted and shook hands. Her hands were dainty and soft, it is quite surprising how different people can be in real life when all you have done is watched them on cam. She had such soft sexy skin, and I complimented her on how lovely she looked in the bright Spring sunshine.

I knew that she was busy and that I was taking up time on her holiday, so I quickly moved from the introduction to pulling out my notebook and beginning our interview. The interview conversation is as follows,



Danny – Welcome and thank you for allowing me to do this, I have many readers that will be fascinated to read this. Can I start by asking your real name?

Charlennee– Claudia, but everyone knows me by my screen name Charlennee


Danny – Ok wonderful Charlennee, so what did you do before you got into the world of online webcams?

Charlennee– Well,  I have a degree in Nursing and I was a professional working in hospitals. I actually worked in several hospitals both in the office administration side and more hands-on in the wards.


Danny – That is so interesting because online webcams are such a departure from nursing and the medical profession. You clearly have many talents. You are a very attractive young Colombian lady, and you have all these super sexy tattoos which our readers love you for. I can tell you that many of our website visitors have spoken about you, and drawn attention to your tattoos. They talk about how amazing you are when you interact with them on your webcam shows. I wonder, were you always popular and sexy, were you the beautiful swan in school? or did you get more pretty as you grew older? and did you have lots of boyfriends in school?

Charlennee –hahahahahahahahahaha!!! to be quite honest… I used to be (from my point of view) very ugly, I am sure I look so much better now and I also feel so much better. I feel more confident, and I have learnt a lot about me and how to love myself, so now I reflect all those good vibes and good thoughts whenever I perform on webcam. That is why my viewers love me. I try to please them, and I think it works. Boyfriends?? no not too many, I had one very long-term relationship when I was younger, and after that, I won’t deny it, I was totally broken. After that relationship, it was very hard for me to have a lasting relationship with anyone.


Danny – Ok that sounds like you suffered a little in that relationship, but I won’t dig further, as I know its personal. So how then did you discover the world of webcams?

Charlennee – I discovered amateur webcam modelling because of a friend. My friend was thinking about starting a model studio, which was very ambitious on his part, and he asked me if I wanted to be a part of it. In the beginning, I was afraid but also curious at the same time. I was still working in the hospital so I really had to think before accepting to do cam show modelling. Finally, I accepted his offer and so I started with the cam modelling and online webcam shows. My friend wanted me to do daily shows but because of my career and obligations, I was not able to do that. I did as much as possible, which at that time was occasional weekly shows.

I did the cam shows weekly alongside my nursing schedule, which was really exhausting. It was very hard for me because I thought about my family and what they would think. My friends and whether they would judge me. I also did not feel very beautiful or sexy at this point in my life. It took a long time for me to get comfortable with being in front of the camera.


Danny – Wow I can imagine the dilemmas you had making that decision. Thank you for telling us a little about your personal life. Does your family know about your profession?

Charlennee – Yes, they know. At the beginning when I told them about it, they didn’t like it, especially my mother. However, they have seen how I’ve changed and they have learned more about this industry and the freedom that it gives me, so they accept and respect what I do.


Danny – Ok that sounds like quite an understanding family, you are very lucky to have that. Outside of the adult industry, do you consider yourself a really sexual person? do you enjoy sex, fetishes etc

Charlennee – I am very sexual, but I am also very picky. I used to focus on personality and the way you connect with someone and obviously the way they look as well. Now I try to look beyond, and just try to enjoy myself more. I really enjoy life and sex so much more now. I love sex toys and fetish play, especially feet play, licking and sucking toes.


Danny – That is so exciting and our readers will love to know that you enjoy the sex and orgasms as much as they enjoy watching them. Can I ask what is your favourite sexual body part?

Charlennee – I think any part of your body can be sexual, it’s not reduced to merely genital organs. So, my horny mind is hot and sexy, and I like the combination of a beautiful body with a wicked mind  🙂 my favourite part of my body is my legs.


Danny – So let’s play a game, just so that the readers can get an idea of how you think if you won the lottery, what would you spend the money on? would you stop being on webcam shows?

Charlennee –I wouldn’t stop doing webcam shows on webcam sites like Chaturbate . I would spend the money travelling with my family and helping the people I care about, and…I would have a personal chef  🙂


Danny – Wow a personal chef, ok that sounds extravagant. So before we delve deeper, tell me a little more about you,  are you married or in a partnership, do you have children?

Charlennee – No, no, and no…not yet.


Danny – Ah ok that’s very firm 🙂 Ok so moving onto more sensitive topics that I know our readers will want to know. Are you making millions yearly,  this is what most people will assume when they think cam girl, is this true?

Charlennee –Well, I am not on the Forbes list just yet, but let’s just say I won’t complain about what I am making.. and also won’t say… a girl never tells!!!


Danny – haha ok I see, well then what is the single most expensive thing you have ever purchased?

Charlennee – Mmmmmmm, the most money I have spent was on a corporal treatment of carboxytherapy


Danny – wow I don’t I even know what that is, I guess its some kind of expensive skin and body treatment?

Charlennee – yes its something like that  🙂 and very damn expensive


Danny – What was the single biggest tip or payout you ever had from webcam sites like Chaturbate ?

Charlennee –I am still waiting for it! hahahahahahaa 


Danny – OK I can see the financials are not what you like to talk about 🙂 which is understandable. What is the weirdest thing that you have ever been asked to do on webcam or in private chat?

Charlennee – At this point, I don’t even know what weird is anymore… I’ve been asked to pick my nose with my toes,  and I have been asked to oil up my watch and rub it which was really weird. My fav is when they ask me to ignore them in a private session, which is crazy because I sit there and do my nails while they do what they have too……yep that…and I can hear them, but I ignore them, as they wish….haha




Danny – Oh wow we really do live in a beautifully unusual world. On a totally different topic, I see that Colombia is a really scenic and beautiful country, but if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Charlennee – Colombia is the best, but If I could live anywhere else, I’d like to live in Italy, because of the proper seasons and warm and kind people. I really loved the people in Italy. Ohh and the food.


Danny – Yes Italy is beautiful, and the food is amazing, I think I might join you in Italy haha. You give off a very romantic aura, do you believe in true love?

Charlennee –Sure, for me the only true love is my family, and my dog, which you can only know if you have a dog.


Danny – Yes I agree, the family is so important and I too am a dog lover. I am very conscious of your valuable time, and I really value that you took time on your holiday to sit with me, so last few questions, what does the future hold for you?

Charlennee – Don’t worry I am enjoying answering these questions, its funny because you sometimes don’t think about these things until you are asked about them, then it reminds you. My future is uncertain, but I am working on it every day. I work hard every day to ensure I get a lot of good experiences and learn many things. If I had time, I would really like to learn to cook, especially if I can’t have a personal chef yet haha.


Danny – So last question, and thank you so much for your time today, of all the amateur webcam networks out there, is there one that you like the most? Chaturbate , Bongacams , MFC ?

Charlennee – Stripchat is my favourite. The site is simple, easy to manage and users are very kind and friendly. Thank you I really enjoyed this chat. I wish you all the best with 

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