Dee and Doug Chaturbate Cam Couple Bama_mo68

dee and doug on chaturbate known as Bama_Mo68

Picture Courtesy of Dee and Doug 2018

Dee and Doug on Chaturbate

We often interview cam stars, but finding cam couples that are making waves in the cam industry is harder. We were excited and pleased when Dee and Doug agreed to be part of our interview series, so that our readers could get an insight to their lives. Dee and Doug explain their take on being successful in this industry and enjoying life.

We think Dee and Doug on Chaturbate are one of the best cam couples around, and certainly one of the top 5 cam couples on Chaturbate . Being the best of anything requires a unique set of skills beyond just being sexy on cam, and Dee and Doug have got that just right. The Chaturbate platform allows performers to be the best they can, for example to see the current Chaturbate top cam of the hour click here.

Dee and Doug known as Bama_Mo68 on Twitter and Chaturbate are so busy , that it took a while for us to arrange the meeting. When we finally did they were gracious and welcoming. True to their online personas they offered a no holds barred interview. The below is the full interview from that conversation.

Danny – Dee and Doug, can I be cheeky and ask if those are real or stage names ? Also your twitter handle Bama_mo68 is cryptic to say the least… can you please explain?

Dee and Doug – Hey Danny, they are our middle names. “Bama” for me being from Alabama, “Mo” for Doug being from Missouri, (MO is the postal abbreviation in the States) and we were both born in 1968. We’ve been using bama_mo68 or bamamo68 as a username on swinger sites for 9 years.

Danny – Ahhh ok , these things always make sense when explained like that… and 9 years is a good run without having to change a name, good on you its clearly working. Your twitter handle states “NSFW We have been swingers since 2009, into BDSM since the late 80’s and cam models since 2016”  it sounds like this world of online and sex is a full time effort for you, or is it just something on the side? how do you describe what you do daily?

Dee and Doug from the beginning

Dee and Doug– Camming and video are my full time business currently. Doug does many things on the administrative, technical, photo and video side to help. He has another business as well but has slowed down in that area in the last few years. We’ve both been in management for Fortune 500 companies and have also been majority shareholders, directors and officers of a privately held company. We sold that business and decided we didn’t want to be in that industry anymore and decided to see what camming would do.

Analysing showed us which days are most profitable for camming and work around that. Everyday, we start the morning with a “Shower Show” on Chaturbate , currently the only site we broadcast on. Depending on the day we may do a BDSM show for a few hours later in the morning or afternoon then some evenings we’ll do a “Cooking Show” from our kitchen. Some days if we don’t reach our camming goals we’ll do a photo or video shoot or work on a custom video that a fan has ordered. I have HHT, Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia, which is very expensive to treat. “The Affordable Care Act” drove our health care costs so high we have to have another source of income to help with that…the irony.


Dee and Doug on Chaturbate known as Bama_Mo68

Picture Courtesy of Dee and Doug 2018


Danny – Wow you have really approached this with a strong business mindset, I am sure working for fortune 500 companies gave you that experience which you now apply to the adult camming world. Your clear focus on the timing of broadcasts is interesting and we have another post called Best times to broadcast on Chaturbate because timing is so key. Its all very interesting because most new cam stars and beginners to this world do not have that actual experience of having worked out in the “real” world, so you really bring a wealth of corporate experience to your camming. Many of our readers will benefit from hearing more about that element. Perhaps in the future we can discuss this specific element with you and title it Dee and Doug on Chaturbate economics 101 LOL. Now, going back to the beginning, how did you get into the world of glamour / swinging / BDSM , was it Doug that introduced you or you that introduced Doug?

Dee and Doug – Doug introduced me to swinging. He had been on a couple of different sites for several years before we met. I had plenty of naughty escapades before we met though, fucking in restaurant bathrooms, on the stairs at college with a lover while taking night courses (I was married to another man then). I hadn’t done any threesomes  or anything like that. One time I had 2 guys that said they wanted to double team me in my 20’s then one of them chickened out. Doug had done some mfm threesomes and played with some married women from the swinger sites before we met.

dee and doug on chaturbate you will be spanked bad boy

dee and doug on chaturbate

As for BDSM, Doug has been tying and handcuffing women since he was 17 (he has handcuffs that are older than most Chaturbate models LOL) He handcuffed me and bent me over my couch the 3rd time he came to my apartment,10 years ago. I’ve always been submissive, Doug just knows how to make me feel comfortable and really enjoy it. The wildest thing I had done before that was let my lover’s friend take nude Polaroid pictures of me for my lover when I was in my mid 20’s. It was my 1st marriage, to a guy 20 years older than me that wasn’t working and I was being a naughty girl without my husband’s knowledge. I still have those pics and have actually put copies of them in my Chaturbate bio.


Doug and the Art of Bondage

Danny – Dee, its so refreshing to hear real sexual stories of experiences and escapades in the real world. We spend so much time viewing and discussing cams that you almost forget that sex is really between adults and not between an adult and a monitor…LOL  One of the things that we really advocate at is the use of online chat and cam sites as a mechanism to add layers to real world relationships. Talking about Doug for a moment, hmm…sounds like a real master of the bondage arts. We might need him to school us in the future about the bondage skills he has honed all his life. However moving on for now, we are curious about your lives outside of cam modelling. Do your families know about your profiles and professions? if they do, how do they feel about the adult world in which you play such a large role?

Dee and Doug – No and we hope they never find out. But if they do ever find out, we plan on saying “we’re doing what we enjoy, don’t judge us and if you can’t handle it, have a nice life. We’ll still love you anyway.”

Danny – Good one, so its a live and let live policy and not being judgemental…I can see that mindset and character come across on your cam shows as well. You always look intensely passionate in your cam performances, and passion is so important that we discuss it with another model SophyDiva too who feels strongly that you should enjoy what you do, only then does your audience enjoy themselves. So does the passion follow into your private life, do you consider yourself a highly sexual couple? do you enjoy sex, fetishes etc or is that just part of the online persona?


Dee and Doug on Chaturbate known as Bama_Mo68


Dee and Doug – Our passion is always a true part of who we are and we rarely turn it down, even in public. We do consider ourselves a highly sexual couple, enjoy sex frequently (we do something almost every day even if it’s just Doug jerking off and cumming on me) and we enjoy our BDSM fetishes together and sometimes at a local Swingers Club in their Dungeon. We’ve done a few webcam shows from that Dungeon. One of our female swinger friends once said “Dee, there’s something sexy in everything you do”. We bring as much of our true sexuality, swinging and BDSM lifestyles, to cam and video as we can. There are times when we do have to act, like for foot fetishes (sorry, not our thing) but for the most part it’s genuine.

Danny – I am so glad to hear you say that.. because I was scared you would say it was just for the money…lol….when we watch Dee and Doug on Chaturbate it is the passion part that really works so well for viewers. Its also really nice to hear that you have an active sexual life almost as a community of adults in the swingers clubs. Doug is clearly a lucky man.. LOL . So being so sexual, what is your most sexually sensitive body part?  And why? Doug I can guess 🙂

Dee getting intimate

Dee and Doug – My clit, of course. I’ve been giving myself clitoral orgasms since I was 12. I prefer clitoral orgasms but in the last couple of years I’ve learned how to have a G Spot orgasm too, with Doug’s help, and he makes me squirt frequently now. He’s really good at making women cum with his fingers, tongue and fucking too. One night me and a 24 year old girl we play with were sitting back on the couch and he made us both squirt at the same time with his fingers. I do like to have my nipples played with and be touched sensually too.

For Doug, all you have to do is be submissive, play with the head of his cock with your mouth or hand, let him pound your pussy and/or ass and he’s a happy man. Honestly, one has to turn our minds on for the rest of the body to follow. We’re both more sapiosexual.

Danny – Thank you Dee, I love the fact that you have so many real world sexual stories to complement your answers. It seems that you both have really fulfilling sexual lives. Doug is clearly a man of many talents, he is fast peeking our interest for a Doug only interview.. LOL We love to give readers a deeper character insight for each cam model interview that we do, so lets play a game, just so that the readers can get an idea of you as a person and couple, so …. if you won the lottery, what would you spend the money on? would you leave the world of glamour? are there other things that you would pursue with all that money?

Dee and Doug – We’d continue to cam and would probably get more involved in the industry. We’d invest for return in strip clubs, swingers and fetish clubs/resorts, cam studios and probably websites too. We’d diversify. Doug is a retired financial adviser and I worked in the financial services industry for several years too, so we’d invest in many things.

We’d also donate a lot to different charities, especially the Epilepsy Foundation. Doug’s 22 year old son, from his first marriage, had a seizure in his sleep last August, stopped breathing and died. Losing a child really sucks and we don’t want another family to have to endure that. We also have a spot in our hearts for our American Service Men and Women injured in combat or suffering from PTSD. And of course, research for HHT, which I’ve been diagnosed with, and other genetic disorders.


Dee and Doug on Chaturbate known as Bama_Mo68

Picture Courtesy of Dee and Doug 2018


Dee and the fragility of life

Danny – That is great to hear, and you bring so much to the scene that I am glad money wont change you, in fact you would entrench yourselves more in the industry. Its also really sad to hear about your loss, its a reminder to all that life is fragile. Its so important to be the best you can, life can change in so many ways in the blink of an eye. You mention children, please tell me a little more about children, are you both married, partners, friends with benefits ?

Dee and Doug – We’ve been together for 10 years and celebrated our 8th Anniversary in May. I was married once before, divorced then had a boyfriend I lived with for 8 years before leaving him and subsequently meeting Doug. Doug was married before also and had 3 children. I’ve never had any children of my own but have had 6 step children total. As we said earlier, Doug’s son passed from having a seizure last August and it sucks losing a child. It’s like having a piece of your heart ripped out never to be replaced. He has 2 daughters and 2 grandsons. We love being grandparents and we spoil those boys every chance we get.

Danny – I can imagine that kind of loss is something only a parent can understand. It sounds like you have a lovely family that surrounds you, even with the sadness of that loss. We are happy that you have chosen to share this personal information with us, and we know that there will be readers that are going through similar scenarios. Talking about Doug for a moment, in terms of your twitter and public posts, Doug rarely if ever shows himself, why ? is he camera shy?

Dee and Doug – He’s usually the one behind the camera but there are some pics of him in there and you’ll see him in promotional videos by our promotion partner on Twitter. Also, he jokes about me being the draw and he’s just the “stunt cock”. He does have his fans though and they do buy his videos too. – JOIN if you think you have what it takes to be like Dee and Doug – Bama_Mo68

Danny – Good, I am really glad to hear that Doug has his fans too… he sounds like a great life and business partner. Your online persona suggests that you would try anything once, and you are always fun and bubbly which is amazing, are there things about you that we would never guess about you? something shocking or unusual?

Dee and Doug get personal

Dee and Doug – I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression since I was 12 and I was bulimic in college. Doug was an athlete on championship teams while in school and was also in a near fatal car wreck when he was 24. Subsequently, he has to deal with pain on a daily basis. Due to HHT, I have arthritis and other health issues that cause me daily pain and slow me down more than I like.

Danny – Ohh wow ok, well we were not expecting you to be so open with us, but again I think it speaks volumes about your character, because there will be other people suffering these things, and sometimes reading that successful couples like you have worked out ways to manage these things can help someone. Personally, I always feel humbled when I hear of successful people that are dealing with life affecting issues and still finding ways to be smiley and happy. Looking forward for a moment, what are your plans for the future, what are Dee and Doug doing in 10 years time? What is the next step for Dee and Doug, is this going towards a “Wifey’s World” strategy or are there other plans?

Dee and Doug – We plan on camming and doing videos as long as we can and as long as there is a demand. We see older models than us camming and are also aware of other sites that are more focused on MILF’s over 40 and over 50 for custom videos and other services. I’ll turn 50 in September. We met some models older than us at Xbiz Miami that were confident I/we could do well for up to the next 20 years. We do plan on launching our own website one day, so we’ll see where it all leads. I love being in front of the camera and when live, interacting with my fans.


Dee and Doug on Chaturbate known as Bama_Mo68


Danny – You definitely do not look like your about to be 50…wow.. and I can see you being around for a long time to come. The MILF genre is a huge market, and ripe for you to enter and dominate. You have clearly had fantastic success, and as you can imagine many new and young cammers get into online adult cams because they see the fantastic sums of money that can be earned. So please be gratuitous and tell us the single most expensive thing you have ever purchased?

Dee and Doug win the lottery…

Dee and Doug – The current laptop we use for camming, editing, etc. is the most expensive single item. We’ve invested thousands (US Dollars) in equipment, toys, props and wardrobe, not to mention make up, nails, etc. Personally, we’re minimalists that don’t get caught up in consumerism. We’re more about return on investment than how much money people think we have due to our possessions. Cars, boats and Gucci clothes depreciate too quickly for our liking.

Danny – Clearly wise words, and words that young new cammers should heed well. However, just to push you a little more on the topic of tips, because this is one of the areas that really excites new cam models., what was the single biggest tip or payout you ever had from webcam sites that you use?

Dee and Doug – 2222 tokens on Chaturbate in a single tip. The same user ended up tipping us over 6000 tokens that day, one of our best.

Danny – See there we go, now that is what successful camming, delivered with passion can achieve. I think the key is that if you do things really well, and actually entertain, then people will tip. What is the weirdest thing that you have ever been asked to do on webcam or in private chat?

Dee and Doug – There are a few. One woman shows up now and then wanting to wrestle me, Doug will kick her from the room for 30 days and she’ll show up and do it again later. Apparently, she’s a slow learner. Another guy requests for Doug to pull my ear, Doug will kick him from the room too. The worst is the incest chat. We block them immediately.


Dee and Doug on Chaturbate known as Bama_Mo68


Danny – Oohh.. I can imagine that it is not fun and having to kick people out of chat rooms is just part of the process. Incest is definitely a no go area, and even though we are strong proponents of little or no censorship, there are always going to be some areas like incest which are just out of bounds. There are definitely a few other areas like Zoophilia and Necrophilia which have no place in society. There are also some quite unusual trends starting such as “real live” Hentai, and we have a short post on the Hentailive cartoon on chaturbate.

Danny – Geographically, where do you live currently? and if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Dee and Doug – Right now we live in the boring Midwest of the United States. We plan on having retirement property in Belize, the Gulf Coast of the US and probably also a cabin in Colorado.

Danny – OOhh they all sound like lovely places, including what you term as the boring Midwest..LOL.. from the outside it seems quite slow and sleepy which is an antidote to the speed and ferocity of cities like my own London England. So last question, and thank you so much for your time today, of all the amateur webcam networks out there, is there one that you like the most?

Dee and Doug – Thank you for interviewing us. We really enjoyed and appreciated the questions. Chaturbate works really well for us and we value their partnership. 

Final thoughts

You can see that Dee and Doug’s Chaturbate success is not accidental, they are prepared and plan everything. They have goals set, and they clearly use some of the strategy’s we highlight in our post Success Mindset for cam models. If you are a single cammer or couple, read How to make money online being a cam girl for more tips that will help your journey to being better. If you want to see the cam world from a different perspective check out Eliza Beets who is championing the #Hairy movement.

If you think you have what it takes to be a cam couple, then why not read How to Make Money on Chaturbate in 2018 or if your feeling brave, sign up with Chaturbate here, or by clicking the banner below.

For now, make sure you click here and watch the amazing couple Dee and Doug do their thing. Until the next great interview, Ciao.

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