Destination Kat Roars into 2019

Destination Kat uses Clip Sites like ManyVids to sell Clips Of herself
Photo Courtesy of Destination Kat – Full Permission Granted by Model

Hey Destination Kat,

We consider ourselves finders of gems and stars… and today we are so excited to invite you to this interview because we have seen your content and amazing pictures on clip sites and think you have a huge career ahead of you.

Danny – So let’s begin with the obvious question… your name is very interesting …what is the “Destination part about? there must be a great story behind that?

The Cat Lady Meows

Destination Kat – HAHA well it’s not as exciting as one may think. When I first started making content, I had the worst time trying to come up with a name. I had two cats at that time, one named Kitty, and one named Destiny. Destiny’s name was originally going to be Destination. I decided to use that name stemming from her, and due to my unhealthy obsession with cats, the second name became “Kat.”

Danny – Oh I see so it’s the Cats that have got you that name… right… 🙂 Ok so now that we have your name understood, why don’t you start at the very start of your story, tell us about your childhood and upbringing, what did you like etc?

Destination Kat – Ok Cool, I don’t remember much from when I was younger, but I can summarise in some simple sentences. My parents always allowed me to be who I wanted to be. I enjoyed being outdoors with my friends in the neighbourhood. I spent a lot of time playing the old sims games on the PS2. My family had quite a few pets. I’ve always loved animals. I suppose I had a pretty typical childhood really haha.

Danny – Yes that sounds really quiet and simple, so at some point you decided to enter the adult sex industry? What drove this entry to the adult world? Something must have triggered that move?

Low self image the catalyst

Destination Kat – You are right there is always some catalyst, and before becoming a part of the industry, I had horrible self-image issues. One day my husband showed me a website where people could post images of themselves anonymously and receive feedback. I started doing that and it gave me an incredible high, I couldn’t get enough of it.

I kept posting and in turn, it boosted my self-esteem and confidence. After a year or so, people started asking me about filming videos. After even more sharing, a couple clip sites reached out to me. I accepted, and so began my career.

Danny – Wow sometimes the greatest life changing things come out of an issue or insecurity, we hear this a lot. So talking about image for a moment, which part of your body do you love the most?

Destination Kat – It changes depending on the day, but today I’d say my butt haha.

Destination Kat uses Clip Sites like ManyVids to sell Clips Of herself
Photo Courtesy of Destination Kat – Full Permission Granted by Model

Danny – Ok cool, well we love your butt too and the rest of you… we actually wanted to interview you for a while. Several members of our team had seen you and commented on how beautiful you were. We know your primary adult modeling is in photograph and video clips for clip sites. Do you always create clip content alone, or with anyone else, if so who, or if you do not, do you plan to in the future?

Cam girl duos?

Destination Kat – I have so far only made clips with two people; My husband and MCherryxx whose also known as Cherry or McKenzie. I don’t have plans to film with any other men aside from my husband, but I’m open to filming with other females if the right opportunities arise.

Destination Kat uses Clip Sites like ManyVids to sell Clips Of herself
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Danny – I think we would love to see you with other girls… we will perhaps create a poll for who people would like to see you performing with…..mention it in the comments below..

Ok, you post regularly and use social media extensively, what plans do you have for using marketing to increase your followers?

Engagement is the key

Destination Kat – That’s a difficult one, I feel followers are just a number, to be honest. Oftentimes I see models with thousands of followers, but the majority of them rarely contribute. I’d love to focus on entertaining and marketing towards the followers I have currently. If more want to follow because of it, I’m all for it!

My plans are to do my best to stay consistent with posting and with the hopes of reaching people that want to interact and be engaging. The engagement makes this all worthwhile and exciting for both parties.

Danny – I think you have really nailed it, we also see engagement as the key metric. We have interviewed models with very little engagement but lots of followers and others like Melly and Dee and Doug who have some of the most loyal followers out there. One model, that only does clip sites is Stephanie Love and she has daily conversations using Twitter with all her following with great engagement levels.

Ok, so you have plans for marketing and growing and you understand where your skills lie but are you actually enjoying the world of clip modelling and adult entertainment?

Destination Kat – I actually am! While I never thought this is where I’d end up, this has been one of my favourite experiences so far. It has also been a huge eyeopener. I’ve acquired so many new skills and raised my happiness levels to new highs. I’ve made close friends. I get to be creative on a daily basis. I can honestly say that I love my job.

ManyVids makes me happy…

Danny – We are really happy to hear you say that you enjoy what you do. Its the outside perception of the industry that it is exciting and fulfilling. So its truly great to hear an insider like you say that it’s exactly that for you. Moving on, which clipsites and networks are you currently focused on?

Destination Kat – ManyVids is the number one clip site that I focus my attention on, with ModelHub being my second focus in 2019.

Danny – Both great networks, but our favourite is ManyVids and almost entirely because of the feedback we get from models like you. Now for a slight outside question, does your family know about your adult career? If so, what do they think?

Loving Sisters

Destination Kat – Some do, and some don’t. I told the ones who I still have contact with. It took them a bit to warm up to it, but they’re happy that I’m doing something that I enjoy. My sister was the first person I told. She’s totally fine with it now, but she did at first spend alot of time laughing at me hahh.

Danny –  Sisters eh… LOL..and its great to hear that you are supported by the family you speak with. In terms of the clip sites and content creation, is there anything that you do not like?

Destination Kat – I dislike the reaction some people give when they first hear about it. I dislike how some people think it’s terrible without even giving it a chance. I wish more people would try to see the other side and just understand how empowering it can be, or even just see that it’s not all about sex.

Destination Kat uses Clip Sites like ManyVids to sell Clips Of herself
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Danny – So true, and I guess with education and time these things will change. Of course models like yourself are really leading this charge and should be applauded for it. Well done you XXX

On to a more sexy topic now, when you masturbate on cam or in your videos is it real?  Or is that just really great acting?

Enjoying work everyday

Destination Kat – While I do act for roleplay type clips, if the clip in question contains masturbation, I always strive for realness. I don’t particularly enjoy faking things. I want to enjoy myself while filming of course, which is why I try to accept clips or ideas that I will get pleasure from, and can genuinely enjoy creating. So yes its all as real as it can be. 🙂

Danny – Phew I am glad to hear that.. I always worry that a model being interviewed will kill the mystique of sexuality by telling us that they fake it all.. glad you enjoy it too. What is your favourite sex toy? And why?

Destination Kat – HAHA no I really get to enjoy myself filming.. wink wink.. 🙂 Favourite toy… well that is easy… its the hitachi magic wand! The vibrations are soo deep and powerful. I can go for hours using it. I’ve tried other wands, none of them compare.

Danny – Ahhh the great original Hitachi… one of the oldest most trusted players in the market. Ok now to the topic of money. How attractive are the financial sides of webcams and clip content creation for you? Are you doing this mainly for the money and if so, is it working?

Destination Kat uses Clip Sites like ManyVids to sell Clips Of herself
Photo Courtesy of Destination Kat – Full Permission Granted by Model

Destination Kat – When I first started, I didn’t have money in mind. I didn’t even know that I could make money from clips honestly! It was a fun thing for me to do, and I was able to be creative. While I can support my little family with the money I make, I do it primarily because I enjoy it.

Yes, the money is a huge plus of course, but the happiness I’ve gained from clip making is more valuable than money. It’s hard for me to put into words haha. Basically, I love that I can earn money doing what I love.

Money money money…

Danny – You are literally a poster child for the perfect clip girl.. HAHA… the ideal model that loves what she does. Ok, so bearing that in mind, what is the most money you have ever made in a single day ?

Destination Kat – In one day, I believe the most I’ve made was $500.

Destination Kat uses Clip Sites like ManyVids to sell Clips Of herself
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Danny – Wow that is a lot of cash for 1 days work.. or a few hours..but you deserve it.

One of the things that our readers always want to know about is a models real life, so in your normal life, are you single, married, partner, children?

Destination Kat – I’ve been married since I was 18 years old. We work really well together. He’s always supportive of me and my work. There aren’t any plans for children, but I can see us having quite a few fur babies.

Danny – Ohh how cute.. married since 18.. excellent. HAHA fur babies.. no comment. 🙂 Jumping back to your clips for a moment and sorry for being so jumpy today.. what is the most unusual weirdest thing that you have ever been asked to do on webcam or in private chat? are there any limits to what you would or would not do?

Destination Kat – I have many limits. Most people don’t typically ask for anything that crossese those limits, however. Of course, I’d never do anything against a clip site’s rules, but like anyone else, I have my own limits as to what my body can do and handle, as well as comfort level.

I’ve been asked to do all sorts of things for custom clips. These range from normal to disgusting. If we ignore all the against the rules stuff I’ve been asked to do, I’d say the weirdest request I’ve had was to use a speculum. I hate those things! I declined the request though.

Danny – Oooo ouch, that person was clearly a medical student… HAHA. What are your plans for the future,   Where are you in 10 years time?

Destination Kat – I suppose that I’m the type of person who plans maybe a week in advance haha. I haven’t given it much thought. Off the top of my head though, I imagine that I’m still able to have fun making clips. Maybe have a better savings account as well as my debt paid off. A new house, and maybe some fur babies to go with it haha.

Danny – Sounds like a great plan to me. Where do you live currently? and if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Destination Kat – I currently reside in the Pacific North West. I haven’t given much thought to where I’d love to live, but I’d choose someplace that sees a lot of sun. Maybe next to a body of water. I’d love a secluded place with no one around. I thrive best when it’s just me and the people I’m close with.

Destination Kat uses Clip Sites like ManyVids to sell Clips Of herself
Photo Courtesy of Destination Kat – Full Permission Granted by Model

Danny – I really love your answers, they are always so well thought out… and I feel like I would say the same things if I was asked these questions… OK, Last question, if you had a single wish… what would it be?

Wishes for the future

Destination Kat – I’d love for people to be more open-minded. It’s an impossible wish, but I truly feel that there are so many issues out there because of how close-minded people are.

Danny – What a perfect answer to a perfect interview. Thank you so much Kat, we really appreciate your time to interview with us. We love your body of work, and are definitely amongst your greatest supporters. We wish you all the best and below we will put the links to your content.

If you would love to see Destination Kat perform with a specific other model, please comment and share below.. and we will pass that along. Whatever you do, SHARE RETWEET and post this interview out, lets give this beautiful lady all the focus and attention she truly deserves.

You can find Destination Kat on ManyVids here >>>>

She is also on Twitter so follow and share her @DestinationKat
Destination Kat uses Clip Sites like ManyVids to sell Clips Of herself
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