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Abby D

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Hey Abby, searching Twitter we came across your tweets discussing all sorts of sexy things. We then looked at your beautiful profile and were mesmerised by your domme take on the adult market.  For this reason, we wanted to reach out to you and understand a little more about you and the “secret sauce” to your success. However, let’s start at the beginning…

Danny – Can we start with how old you are?

Abby D – 20 years old

Danny – Wow you seem really young to be a Domme, but I guess there is no age for this. If you are a Domme you are a Domme. I know it’s a bit cliched but is Abby your real name or just for online use?

Abby D – No one uses their real name, that’s the fun of this industry. We are all each other’s dirty little secret.

Danny – Yes that is true… ok if we start from the beginning, what did you do before cam modelling and what got you into the cam model game?


Abby D

Photo Courtesy of Abby D– Click picture to watch her Live


Abby D – I did a couple of low paid jobs after not sitting my GCSE’s due to health issues. So frustratingly I have a private education with nothing to show for it. I then worked in debt collection and sales.

Danny – Oh that is a shame, I suspect you are a very smart lady and would have smashed those exams if you had sat them. Then again sometimes fate plays an interesting hand. Talking about fate, when we stumbled across you, we found you on Twitter and Adultwork but nowhere else, and we searched believe me LOL,  are there other places that you are showing content?

Abby D – I am most active on Adultwork & Twitter – I have an account with Onlyfans and Manyvids which I am currently revamping! so look out for those in the near future. 

Danny – OK thats fantastic, we will definitely check back on those. Ok to really get into the meaty bits, you are the first Domme interview we are doing and actually that is really exciting for us for a number of reasons. Firstly I think everyone is familiar with terms like BDSM and I think every person you ask will give you a different answer about what that is. It seems to mean something different to each person. From your profiles, we can see that you specialise in sissification, financial submission and lots of psychological play. Can you tell us what you mean by each of these terms, what do they mean to you?

Learning the Craft

Abby D – Like you said, everyone has their own interpretation of the BDSM world, as there are so many kinks within the terms ‘BDSM’. For me, true satisfaction is found in the art of feminization. Every Domme has their own style so to speak, my go-to within feminization leans more towards liberating the client’s mind, allowing them a safe environment to truly submerge themselves in the role as a lady. My sissy’s are classy – think drag. 

Financial Domination is an interesting one – you see a lot of fakes in this dark side of the industry. ‘Insta Dommes’ popping up everywhere, in particular on Twitter. Financial Domination again can be interpreted in many ways. For me as with my style of feminization, I like the alluring yet manipulative approach – abusing the effect my aesthetics have on clients. Paired with an intelligent and calculating mind this achieves far more than the lazy and brutal approach of ‘fuck you, pay me’. 

The psychological play is different for each gentleman I play with and is more often than not incorporated into another kink such as cuck of feminization. Truly understanding your client makes every step far more enjoyable for both parties and creates much more sincere Domme/Sub relationships. 


Abby D

Photo Courtesy of Abby D– Click picture to watch her Live

Danny – Its really interesting to hear your thoughts on “Insta Dommes” as you term them, and their typically lazy approach to a genuine fetish. It is not the first time we have heard that being said. We can see that you have spent time and effort to really learn and craft your approach to the fetish. No wonder you are so successful in this arena. I am now wondering whether you were always a “Domme” even in your vanilla life? Before you became an actual Domme online?

To Switch or not to Switch

Abby D – Well I could give you the generic answer you’ll get from most Dommes whereby I lie my way through this question in order to self-advertise as always corrupting men. However, I have submitted in my vanilla life and still to this day submit to my partner sexually. When I first entered the adult industry I actually catered to all sorts of play but soon found my feet in domination.

I took the time to truly study everything I perform. Mastering the art of domination has stemmed from being out of control in my past, and I am not ashamed to say that. It’s me seizing back power whilst profiting. My experience in submitting has been paramount for my success in professional domination – I have an authentic insight into the aftercare and ‘post cum come down’ etc. In my past, however, I have feminized one ex to a certain extent which was very interesting. 

Danny – Ok its really refreshing to hear the honest approach you take. I think in modern parlance you would be termed a “switcher” but let’s not worry about all the terminology lol. Also if you feminized an ex that suggests that the roots of the fetish were in you. Getting a little more personal now, are you single married, partner etc, children?


Abby D

Photo Courtesy of Abby D– Click picture to watch her Live


Abby D – I have a partner, a very supportive one. No babies yet!

Danny – Wonderful, so you have support which is so important, and there is plenty of time for children so not surprised to hear that at all. How do you find mixing personal / family time with your work? Are there times when things get a little crossed?

Abby D – I’m one of the lucky ones with this – my direct family are aware and are supportive as long as I am happy. My friends are understanding and let’s face it – if anyone were to judge they wouldn’t be a true friend. I am friendly with lots of girls in the industry too which I feel is very important otherwise it can be a lonely road at your computer communicating with men all day.

Danny – Cool, and it is really important to have a supportive family in this industry. So many models do not have that, and never will from their families. It opens up a level of vulnerability that I personally hate to see. Have you had a “worst case” experience so far? What was it?

Abby D

Abby D – Nothing overly diverse springs to mind – I am very clear with my limits. My clients all know I have a partner and I am yet to encounter anyone who truly gives me a hard time. Although I had a sub call me a fat greedy bitch recently, its safe to say he didn’t stay in private for more than twenty seconds after I went on a ‘Rampage of Respecting others’

Danny – Oh you are lucky and if that is the worst thing that has happened, you are very lucky. We hear regularly how some men and you might be surprised to hear even some women treat models. We hear horror stories about how they think they own the model just because they tip a few measly coins. It is unique to this industry, or should we say its uniquely expected in this industry. Anyway enough about the negative. On to something entirely more positive, you are clearly doing really well, so let’s ask the question that all aspiring models want to know. Has this made you good money? To quantify, what is a good days/weeks or months earning for you?

Abby D – Yes, I’d say so. I wouldn’t earn anything near what I do in a normal job. Good days are £1K and up for me. Bad days are anything below 150 GBP.

Danny – That is really really good.. most of us can only dream of £1k days… wow. Do you have a monetary goal for the future? A number that you want to get to per month or per day?

Abby D – Like most models, I have a rough idea of what I aim to achieve each time I log on, however, it is important not to pressure yourself on this as you end up not enjoying calls thus losing clients if they can see your stressed.


Abby D

Photo Courtesy of Abby D– Click picture to watch her Live


Golden Rules

Danny – Very good point, so keeping your mind clear and stress-free. We have done posts on 12 Tips for making money on cams, but I will certainly note that point. As you can imagine everyone that starts in online modelling, cams or other adult work thinks they will be rich, and we know that this is far from the truth, so what would you say is the single most important skill you must have to succeed?

” The money will be where your talents lie “

Abby D – Perseverance and playing to your skills. If you’re a fantastic sub – submit! The money will be where your talents lie. It is easy to think ‘Oh I’ll say I’m a domme after seeing women posting their earnings on Twitter’. This is false reassurance, I promise you now subs and mutual masturbation models will be matching that but it’s a domme’s way of advertising by showing the power she exerts over existing clients – don’t be fooled.

Danny – That such a great line… money is where your talents lie. I love that piece of advice and I know that others will take that away as a superb bit of advice. I feel there are so many more things to talk about, you are very logical and thoughtful with your advice. Perhaps another interview discussing the economics of the adult game is in order LOL 🙂  Okay so the last question before we let you go. If you had one wish from a magical genie, what would you use it for? And no you can’t ask this genie for more wishes…lol

Abby D – World Peace? Just kidding I’d have a fucking Porsche 918 Spyder.

Danny – Hahaha excellent, yes that or a Lamborghini Huracan. 🙂  Thank you for taking the time to interview with us today, we have enjoyed every minute of this short and quick interview. I know that other aspiring models will learn from reading your thoughts on the adult model game.

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Make sure you follow Abby D on her Twitter @The_Abby_D and check her out on Adultwork where she can be found daily. See the live link below.



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Abby D


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