Galina Squirt Shoots into the Cam Model Scene

Galina Squirt

Photo Courtesy of Galina Squirt – Click to See her perform

Please welcome Galina Squirt, we appreciate her taking the time to join us for an interview. We saw her rise so quickly this year that it took us all by surprise. Galina’s Twitter profile grew fast powered by her amazing personality and charm and we just had to interview her.

Danny – Hi Miss sexy Galina Squirt, we would love to start with knowing some basics about you. Beginning with, your age and name? especially that name, how did you come up with such an enticing name?

Galinas Squirting Intro

Galina Squirt -Hello Danny, thank you for this interview and yes I am 27 years old. Talking about my choice of name… haha ok, well I like to explore my body, I always have. I love touching myself, letting my fingers slide through the wetness that pools between my thighs. Thick juices coat my fingers and I spread them around my clit, moaning softly. Electric waves run through me as my fingers start to circle my clit. The room disappears. The outside world has disappeared and …boom my pussy SQUIRTS! My pussy squirts all the time. It is so very real for me, I have never felt comfortable doing fake orgasms, so for me, they are always real. That is the reason why Squirt is my middle name.

Danny – Oh wow, ok well that is the sexiest start to an interview we have ever done. There will be readers that are rock hard or wet having read that intro… LOL. I can see how sexually aware and driven you are. Please start from the beginning and tell us a little about your story, where did you start your career, what did you do before you started this adult camming?

Galina Squirt

Photo Courtesy of Galina Squirt– Click to See her perform

Galina Squirt –  OK so I started when I was a student, 7 years ago. A friend told me about the adult industry and video chatting which was not as big as it is now. I thought it would be a good way to make money for my studies and release my sexual frustration at the same time. I soon found out how much fun it was to make money on cams.

Danny – So you started the same as so many students do at college or university. We can see you have just started with Twitter as well and are fast heading to the 3k follower’s mark. How are you finding Twitter and is it being used for purely marketing purposes?

Galina Squirt Register as a Model

Squirting onto the Twitter scene

Galina Squirt – Twitter is fantastic and I have already got more than 2k followers and thank you to all my followers. When I first started Twitter it was hard to understand but I soon got used to it. Now I am in love with Twitter because its a goldmine of people who want to know when and where they can find me online. At the very beginning, I used to just log on, and off because Twitter was bringing me traffic and I thought my job was to be online and make people happy. I now think its very important to engage on Twitter and social media to build that following. Social media generally is very time consuming and definitely takes away from my online time. However its a trade-off, so I do use it to keep closer contact with all my members and online friends.

Danny – You are definitely right, social media can be seen as a necessary evil or a positive form of critical marketing. Your clearly doing marketing really well, because your followers are growing fast. Talking about marketing, our readers will notice that you have a very voluptuous body, which is your favourite body part?

Galina Squirt

Photo Courtesy of Galina Squirt– Click to See her perform

Galina Squirt – That is easy, and I can bet you will guess… I love my big boobs, and they are real boobs. All my followers like my boobs.

Danny – Yes we kind of did guess that… and yes they are super hot. Clearly, you have a body that will make your followers loyal LOL, and you have profiles on various networks, what is your secret so far for getting viewers to tip and tribute?

The secret sauce for tips

Galina Squirt – Video chat offers a new level of sexuality and interactivity, which traditional porno websites can’t offer, and the excited viewers are willing to pay for it, some of them for hours and hours.  I have the ability to meet and accommodate people’s needs. If someone asks me to do something that is beyond my limits I tell them, but generally, my mind is much dirtier than you think. It is highly probable that your wildest fantasies will only make me a little bit wetter 🙂

Customers always tip me really well, I do everything to the fullest, that’s me, I’ve always been a very passionate person. Number 1, I always stay true to myself. I really love what I do and I enjoy meeting people on the live chat. People who come to me share a real bond with me, which can often turn into a friendship. I try to entertain the audience and communicate with everyone the best I can, even on free chat, where there can easily be up to 2,000 people. Another important area is creating the most comfortable atmosphere possible so that the people feel comfortable and I can turn them on with my teasing and dancing. I arouse their senses with my sensuality and sophisticated erotica, which still has to be playful and entertain the audience.

Galina Squirt

Photo Courtesy of Galina Squirt– Click to See her perform

Danny – Its quite interesting because from what you say, I can tell that you really understand your “product” and your audience. When we have interviewed cam model couples like Dee and Doug they also have that very keen understanding of what they bring to the audience. You are giving them what they want, and they are tipping accordingly. Getting a little more personal now, please tell us a little about your family life, are you single married, partner etc, children?

Galina Squirt – Ahhh well, I do kind of live a double life. People around me don’t know what I do for a living, and I don’t have the need to change anything about it. In terms of partners, I am single and I don’t want kids until I get married. I live a simple life at the moment. 🙂

Supportive families always succeed

Danny – Do your family know about your adult cam career?

Galina Squirt – Yes, my parents are open minded and they love me very much and offer me support whatever my decisions are.

Danny – That is really nice to hear, you are lucky because not all models have such a caring and supportive family. OK so tell us a little about your best and worst experiences in the adult industry so far?

Galina Squirt – I have had many good experiences as a cam model. I like to make friends and feel that they are close to me over the years. My worst experience is when men like incest and want me to play this out, its horrible. I hate this.

Danny – Oh I can imagine that is really horrible. Moving on quickly, earning is a huge topic, and possibly the main reason people are interested in the adult industry. To excite and inspire our readers, please tell us about paydays, what do they look like for you?

Galina Squirt

Photo Courtesy of Galina Squirt– Click to See her perform

Paydays that rock

Galina Squirt – Paydays are the best days of my life. Those are the days when I get my rewards for working as hard as I do. It’s a funny job with sometimes really huge rewards. I feel happy because my earnings are the way that my friends show their appreciation for me. I love paydays.

Danny – That’s a nice way of looking at it, so what was the single biggest tip day you have ever had, and tip month?

Galina Squirt – Well one time I got $999 tip on a Friday 13th which was a really lucky day for me HAHA.. and the tip of the month was $5000 last December which was the best Christmas.

Galina Squirt

Photo Courtesy of Galina Squirt– Click to See her perform

Danny – Oh that is awesome… I bet you really enjoyed that Christmas holiday. Finally and thank you for your time today, if we agree that not all models will ever be as successful as you, what do you think your secret sauce for success is?

Galina Squirt – Simpl, always keep smiling. It’s all about a friendly meeting, and I’m simply an erotic host who puts on a sexy show the whole time. Do not fake anything. My passion along with how much I enjoy everything and the real friendships I have with my fans can multiply the mutual pleasure in the private chat when we’re one on one. I’ve always liked exploring and experimenting with fantasy and finding new ways to increase pleasure. That’s why I can establish communication and interaction very easily. I am pleased with the fact that many of my fans keep coming back and even after several years, we continue to have a deep relationship. My fans are my joy and that joy keeps growing with each day. Thank you, Danny, and I wish you all the best in promoting and engaging with models like me.

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