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What is Hentai?

Hentai is a subgenre of Japanese culture with a long a varied history. The origins of Hentai lie in the Manga cartoons that some of us older people will remember from the 80’s and 90’s. Anime is another branch of this sexual cartoon genre. As you can see we have blurred the image so that we do not suffer DMCA issues and to protect the copyright of the “cartoon model”, at this point we ask, are we venturing into a new legal paradigm? 

Why is HentaiLive Cartoon interesting?

Hentai is interesting because its an area of new sexual activity that is flourishing around the world. Promoted in the East, it’s now flourishing in the West. Hentai first came to my attention with the anime culture that is fast spreading around the world online.

What is Chaturbate doing?

Chaturbate is innovating, and whether you like it or not, there are many people that want to see this type of porn. This type of porn will not end traditional cam girls, but it will give another type of watcher a place to go. 

Who is HentaiLive?

HentaiLive is Chaturbates first full cartoon woman. HentaiLive talks with the viewers and interacts thanking and encouraging viewers to tip and get involved. The graphics are simple, but effective with tip goals currently being a simple flashing boobs. The flash boobs goal is set to 250 tokens and while I watch it’s been reached 14 times already with no signs of slowing down in the space of 1 hour. The total target is approx 4000 tokens and I have no doubt that will be smashed.

What can HentaiLive do and not do

I am watching the second historic show, and at this stage, she can jiggle around the screen a little, and with a quick swipe remove her bra to show gently swaying boobs to tippers. The boobs are quite big and weighty. HentaiLive Cartoon says that she will show her feet and pussy in the coming weeks. I can imagine that the developers are working hard to get that in place for viewers who are fast tipping a cartoon hentai girl. 

The future of HentaiLive

A new type of sexuality which was previously quite hidden is now public. Whether HentaiLive Cartoon is currently manned by bots or a human is debatable because some of her sentences sound very simple and robotic, whereas some statements are quite intriguing. To watch her and make up your own mind, check her out and decide for yourself  Cum.st/hentailive/
It will be interesting to see how HentaiLive develops in the coming weeks, but for now, we have no advice for a cartoon hentai girl to max her earnings, and actually, she looks like she is doing just fine on her own. If you are a traditional “real” cam girl then check out some of our other articles to max out the way you make money on Chaturbate like Top5 Tips for Cam Girls.

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