How to be a Cam Girl and Make Millions in 2018

Do you want to know how to be a cam girl and make millions in 2018?

How to be a cam girl and make millions in 2018, is the topic that reoccurs every year. If your not already a webcam model cam girl, then also check out the following post, How to make money as a student.

How to be a cam girl and make millions

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Can everyone be a successful cam girl, the truth first

In 2018 how to be a cam girl and make millions is something you can Google readily. Almost every second search query is about how to make you a millionaire by putting you on webcam. Success is hard won in the webcam industry. Some cam girls are making money by selling clips of themselves which we cover in another post which you might find interesting Make money selling clips in 2018. Other cam girls are reverting to the adult phone sex chat lines.

Each new webcam model company wants to make it easier and easier for you to sign up, join and give them your bank details so they can pay you huge payouts as promised by their website blurb.

The reality is far more sobering. Approx 80 percent of all the webcam models that sign up will never make it past the first few weeks. They will become disillusioned that the money didn’t just fall from trees on to their laps. They will simply fall away and forget they ever signed up within a month.

Approx 18 percent will go on and make some money, but never enough to really benefit from the massive sums to be made in this industry. This is a real shame as the potential to earn is so great.

Only a shocking 2 percent-ish will ever break through to making very serious life-changing sums of money. The ones that do break through end up making so much money that it completely changes their entire lives.


How to be a cam girl and make millions today.


The ones that make it all have specific characteristics that define them and their success. To see examples of what amazing cam models look and perform like, check our Top Cam Models of the Hour page. To see a really successful cam model check out Charlennee.

This blog post is the start of a series of posts that will explore all the areas that analysis has shown, lead to success. These are key areas identified by watching the best models perform online and the result is that they are explosively successful.

So please follow the blog sign up for the newsletter on the right-hand side, and ensure that you check back for the next episode. The first post in the series will be focused on a success mindset for cam models.

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How to be a cam girl and make millions

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