How to find your G Spot

How to find your G Spot

How to find your G Spot, Fact or Fiction

This is the age-old question that has puzzled so many teenage boys, as well as grown men and even many women. Is it a real thing, have the doctors found this G Spot, or is it folklore? One way of looking for the truth is to read scientific articles like “Does the G Spot Really Exist?” which give you a comprehensive breakdown of what the biology and science show.

But, do you have time for reading scientific articles to find out if there is a pleasant spot in the vagina? Of course, you do not. If your a man, the best way of finding out is to find a willing participant and plan for some “Sexy Time”. If anything, take your time and explain that you are conducting cutting-edge G Spot research. You are like Scott of the Antartic but for vaginas, her vagina is to be the critical piece of a scientific journal post 🙂

“…best way of finding out is to find a willing participant and plan for some sexy time…”

If you perform well, she will enjoy your fumbling around. If you don’t perform well, try to tell a joke or two and lighten the mood before escaping out the back door.
“…For most men, the G Spot will always be elusive, and often no more than locker room banter.”


How to find your G Spot if you’re a girl

For the ladies, the G Spot is either a reality that they enjoy or its part of an urban myth that men and enlightened women push. The task of finding and exploring the mysterious spot can be a confidence breaker for women too. To make matters worse, not all women have the same sexual sensations in the G Spot. Some women are not “wired” with the same bundles of nerve endings. Finding the spot is sometimes as hard for women as it is for men.
In 2018, many women still come from cultures that shy away from sexuality. These cultures do not promote adolescent sexual self-exploration. Many women do not understand the machinations of their own bodies.
The key is to not pressure yourself. Take your time and enjoy.


How to find your G Spot using a toy

There have always been sex toys on the market. The swinging 60’s led to a sexual revolution which created a demand for all things sensual and sexual. The 70’s introduced the Hitachi wand, a toy that changed the lives of housewives across the globe. The Hitachi was a toy that changed the definition of what a sex toy was.

In the same revolutionary vain, Lovense has moved the game forward, with toys for everyone. Toys for women, men and cam models. Toys for vaginal, anal, and prostate stimulation. No sex toy maker has pushed the boundaries like Lovense.

Finding the G Spot

If you take the time to enjoy your body, you will find that your body has so much pleasure to give. Most of the pleasure of finding the G Spot is the journey of discovery involved. If you go looking for this infamous spot, you might well find out something new about yourself. Get a toy, set aside some time with a partner or by yourself, and let yourself free. Happy cumming.

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