How Young Cam Girls Make Money on Chaturbate

Young Cam Girls Rule the Live Webcam World

Let’s be honest, wherever in the world you see cam sites, they are flooded with young cam girls looking to make their fortunes. The world of webcams knows no boundaries and cam girls from every country in the world participate in this amazing industry.

Let’s face it, sexy young cam girls are exciting to watch. Teen cammers are typically lively personalities with boundless energy. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, some young cam girls carry a sexy shyness that also works very well for them.

The sensible disclaimer >>> It is obvious, but for the sake of additional clarity, when we say young cam girls in this blog, we are talking about models that are at least 18 years old and/or certainly over the legal age in countries where the legal age might be higher.


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How to be a Young Cam Girl that makes lots of money

It is very important to have a strong understanding of your own sexuality. The top young cam girls we have seen over the years are normally highly sexual, and definitely, need to enjoy all the areas of their sexuality. It is not enough to say that they enjoy masturbating in front of their cams, or in front of partners. Young cam girls must be willing to please themselves and their audiences visually and psychologically. The ability to display sexiness on camera is key to building loyal audiences that come back again and again. To make lots of money on platforms such as Chaturbate and Bongocams you must have loyal followers that will enjoy watching you regularly.

Analysing top young cam girls over the last 5 years, the following are the key characteristics that make young cam girls into top earning cam models, and you can also check out our post Top 5 Tips for cam girls to get more info

  1. Personality – A young cam girl should be lively and engaging. This can be through being playful on cam, or playing games online, and talking to viewers. The simple act of talking with viewers always increases engagement and ultimately token spend.
  2. Confidence – Body size and shape is rarely important because models come in all shapes and sizes. There are viewers that have a preference for your body shape and size no matter what it is. A young cam girl must be confident in her skin, and this confidence shows on cam. You can read more in the post Success mindset for cam models
  3. Consistency – Viewers like to know that they will get what they pay for, especially when they are spending hard-earned tokens. So models should always explain clearly and consistently what they will or will not do, and then stick to that. Showtime consistency is also important, choose a time to broadcast and then do that time daily. This will earn you constant and loyal visitors to your cam sessions. For more information on the best times to broadcast on Chaturbate check out this post.
  4. Quality – Make sure you invest in a good camera, and a strong internet connection and offer the highest resolution broadcasting that you can. Visitors to cam sites like Chaturbate are becoming more discerning about the quality of video they watch, and often will not view lower quality streams. To help with this we will do a future post on tools for cam model success.

Young Cam Models Perspective

To give this post as much meaning as possible we invited Arielle Rae to comment on how being young has really been her trump card in online webcam success. Arielle has featured previously on our interview series for her unique style and passion for kinkiness. You can check out the Arielle interview blog post here.



… my keys to success are hard work and being passionate about what i do! all of my past jobs were dreadfully boring , camming was the thing that changed my life. Camming is something that makes me want to get up in the morning everyday because everyday is completely different, new people, new conversations, new orgasms. I started camming young and this really opened me up to a whole new world because I learnt quickly that it was not wrong to be so highly sexual. I work hard everyday to prove my willingness to make a name for myself, I am dedicated to broadcasting…..and really….who doesn’t love a teen slut?

Young Cam Girls on Live Webcams

Every year that passes, the market is getting younger and more teen cam models are finding their way into the industry. Is this as some say because teens are being sexualised younger? or is it because it is simply more acceptable to express sexuality in public forums like online cams now? Well, whatever the reason, so many more people are finding careers that allow them to be financially free younger and to build the lives they dream off, and that can only be a good thing. What do you think?

If you want to see cam models that know how to earn big money, check out Top Cam of the Hour now. If you are open minded and ready to see the skills that the best performers use, check out our interview with awesome couple Dee and Doug also called Bama_Mo68.

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