LilMissTease The Artist That Became a ManyVids Cam Star

Photo Courtesy of LilMissTease – Full Permission Granted by Model

Hey LilMissTease,

We came across you on Twitter and saw your amazing artwork and sensual, interesting tweets. It made us so happy that you decided to interview with us. It will be a fun interview and I think you show that models come in all types of mindsets and from all backgrounds.

Danny – Can we please start with your name..LilMissTease is simple and do you like teasing or being teased? Also, can you reveal your real name.. Or should we address you as LilMissTease?

Teasing like a Pro

LilMissTease – Miss Tease is fine, or Brianna! Thank you for the opportunity to interview with you, I’m honoured and humbled! Xx

I LOVVVE to tease and I love being teased. Getting straight to the point, I like to tease ballsacks, they’re super sensitive especially if you lick them and gently blow on them to create sort of a temperature difference. It’s all about the senses. You make those ballsacks go wild, and you make the body go wild. It’s really fun to try and come up with different ways and techniques to really stimulate them. Although it’s harder through an online platform, I’m still learning how to do that without stripping, by simply getting creative. I haven’t found anything that REALLY works yet. 😉

Danny – How hot, you dont hold back and we love that…straight to the balls….LOL. This actually ties in to what we really really loved when we saw you, that you were uninhibited in your approach to everything we saw you do.. Tweets, videos. Can you start right from the beginning, who is LilMissTease.. Where did she come from..?

LilMissTease – HAHA ok well, it started off as morning “TEAsing” because I love tea and I would cam in the mornings. Somehow that character and the antics she got up to evolved into lilmisstease. I’ve always been called “lil bit” (maybe because I’m teetering on the edge of absolute insanity?) and “miss”. When I used to tease my husband he would absolutely tremble and he’d hardly be able to resist. How I really got to be LilMissTease I’m not sure, but I think it fits me well. I’m actually “lil” in real life, sporting an incredible height of 5 foot 2 inches.

No holds barred

I really do things as I please, because I think that makes me the ME that viewers like. Sometimes I’ll just get going and then log off. Cruel I know. 🙂 That drives some people wild… others not so much ! Or if someone complains that I am wearing too many clothes, I will deliberately change on cam into a pair of jeans and a T-shirt or sweats. I will literally go out of my way to put more clothes on and tell everyone to blame the person that annoyed me.

I might be a lil crazy too, I am Latina after all. Spicy. When I have a dead room I have to entertain myself or I’ll go crazy, so I’ll start singing, dancing, or doing some kind of art. Sometimes I do painting shows and I’m actually teaching someone to sketch and draw as a service I provide. I haven’t decided if I want to offer that to everyone just yet, I’m feeling it out and seeing how it goes with this person first before diving in. It could be an entirely new business for me.

LilMissTease Ass
Photo Courtesy of LilMissTease – Full Permission Granted by Model

Danny – It is so nice to hear that your an authentic teaser and actually love doing it. I can only imagine what your lucky husband gets that makes him tremble.

You clearly know your mind and what you want to do, and what you will not do. I think that for a cam model of any kind, those are great attributes because you set out early your expectations. It really allows viewers to know what they can and cannot get from your room. We advise setting out expectations in other posts such as 12 Tips on making more money on Chaturbate.

Moving on to your vanilla job… we assume you have one.. if so , what is it?

Art and Life

LilMissTease – Well right now I’m a part-time art instructor, and I teach knitting, crochet, sketching and painting. I went to art school and was classically trained in fine art with a focus on Oil painting. However, I wasn’t able to finish because of funds. So I went on to healthcare, I’m currently looking for a new job in the field and struggling financially. I also own my own small business which I’m trying to get off the ground. Im wearing many, many hats. Hopefully I will be able to do art, cam and run my business in the future and hopefully be able to leave healthcare all together.

Danny – That is a lot of hats as you say, its a wonder that you are able to manage all of those areas. A testament to your focus no doubt. At some point, you decided to enter the adult sex industry? What drove this entry to the adult entertainment world.

LilMissTease – HAHA well I’m obviously an adult, duh! I’m just pulling your leg. I was looking for a way to earn extra money while my husband and I get on our feet and he finishes school. So I tried camming and creating content to see how I would like it. I just fell in love with it, the people and the community. It was freeing and helped boost my confidence and embrace my sexuality as a woman. I’m loving the feminist approach to see work also, I’m all about strong women and women coming together as one big fucking powerhouse cause we’re badass.

So to put it plainly: yes, at first it was for monetary reasons, but I’ve also benefited from the experience and I think my life is enriched by it from what I learned about myself and my sexuality during the process. And I’m still learning!

Danny – Interestingly that is something we hear a lot. A monetary need forces many to go into the adult world, and just like you, they go through self-realisation. They connect with their humanity and their connections with loved ones grow, they find it enriching.

We have watched you on cams and clips, and with the clips, they are primarily on ManyVids. How has ManyVids been for you as a platform. Does it fulfil all your needs as a performer?

LilMissTease – Unfortunately not at the moment, my following is small but growing slowly. It’s helped definitely, and I love their contests, but when it comes to cam it’s like playing roulette because their live platform is still relatively new.

One blessing is that I have a good set of regulars who are kind and sweet to me. I sell portraits, illustrations, videos and a whole lot of crazy stuff! It’s definitely become a hub for me and I hope to gain more followers as quickly as possible on ManyVids and Twitter! I have yet to sell a premium Snapchat haha! All in good time, right? I like ManyVids for its versatility. You can offer so many things in just one place for people to find, it’s very convenient and I love the interface.

Photo Courtesy of LilMissTease – Full Permission Granted by Model

ManyVids Sexy Platform

Danny – Yes that ManyVids interface is really nice and probably for the same reason as you mention. They are the newest live stream player to the market, but they are doing an amazing job catching up. We hear amazing things about ManyVids on a daily basis from performers joining and performers switching from other networks. ManyVids seems to really have a movement happening which is normally the start of great things.

Moving on and talking about family for a moment. Does your family know about your career in the adult industry? if they do, what do they think ?

LilMissTease – My mother knows. She’s fine with it because she knows we’re struggling with money and she’s all about women doing what the fuck ever they want to do too. Haha, I guess that’s where I got it from. My dad doesn’t know though, he’s a bit on the conservative side, plus I’m a daddy’s girl so I don’t want to upset him or anything.

I’m proud of what I do, but some people just aren’t as accepting as others. In the past, I have been harshly judged for it and it hurts. So I try to keep myself under the radar. It’s a job, a job I enjoy. But unfortunately, that’s not enough for some to accept. I’ve worked harder last year than I have ever worked, running a budding business, cramming, creating content, connecting, keeping up with all the social media accounts etc. But the only thing that people seem to hear is “I get naked for money.” But miss the part where I say “And I’m happy.”

Flying high

Danny – Families eh.. we all have them, and people judging is always going to be difficult. As a team here at we really do believe that it takes real strength to stand out alone in the cold when it’s so much easier to nestle with the rest of the flock. However all the most successful people we know are the ones that dared to stray out into the cold.. so you keep going girl, and hold true to your desires. Talking about straying out into the cold.. do you interact with other cam clip stars much? do you network? If you have networked are you finding it wasy to network in this community?

LilMissTease – I do but not in real life, usually over twitter, I joined a little community full of camgirls and we support each other. It’s amazing. I’m working on networking and trying to make friendships that will hopefully last and become stronger over time. I really love drawing other models and want to do an entire gallery show with painted portraits of models to show that we’re regular people with the same struggles. It would be really interesting. Also, I have been looking for another cam girl to occasionally cam with, but it’s difficult. We’re all in hiding basically… and for good reason.

Danny – Yes I know what you mean.. we are all so used to working and living in our own bubbles. It is not easy and you will see that so few cam models actually cam together, and some of that will be based on geographical distance, but a lot will simply be not wanting to go out of comfort zones. Every day the world gets smaller and I think we will see more cam models collaborating in time.

Love it up the Ass

Going back to your ManyVids clips for a moment, you create amazing pieces and we noticed that there is a lot of references to ANAL, tell us about that?

LilMissTease – That’s easy, I just like it up the ass. A lot. I just love anal.

Danny – HAHA tell it as it is lady..LOL.. and I know that was a silly question. I am not sure whether I expected you to just tell me you loved it up the Ass or whether you would say something really profound about finding your soul in your ass.. HAHAHA….. so thank you for being so candid and apologies for such a simpleton question. So, when you create clips for people, do you also get sexual pleasure from
doing it, or is it purely financial and therefore just acting?

Photo Courtesy of LilMissTease – Full Permission Granted by Model

LilMissTease – Yes no worries at all, and actually someone else also asked me that question. Sexual pleasure… ohhh yes.. I am an exhibitionist to my very core. So I love knowing that people get pleasure from watching me. So it’s win win for me. I never EVER fake an orgasm, I can’t, it looks dumb. Sometimes it’ll be a tip option just for kicks. But I literally cannot fake it, I’m not a good actress at all. If I did this for purely financial reasons, I don’t think I would have made it this far. I genuinely love what I do.

Danny – Ahh what a relief.. and we kind of thought you were going to say that because you do look like your having fun.

On your clips, we see lots of Bad Dragon toys, Do you have a favourite sex toy? And why?

New Vibes

LilMissTease – My favourite has to be my UMIE vibrator. It has an app, like Lovense, where you can control how it vibrates. The vibrations are so good, it’s not like OH MY GOD BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ IM VIBRATING. It has a quality to its vibrations, plus it has a heat option which I also love. Too bad I won’t get paid for this sweet plug, YOUR WELCOME UMIE AND LOVENSE!

Danny – HAHAHA agreed, no one gets paid on those sweet name drops.. HAHA. I have never heard of UMIE so I shall look them up after this interview. Now the ugly question which every reader wants to know, LOL..drumroll time…in your clips and vids market, what is the best day or month that you have had and why?

LilMissTease –So Far the best month I’ve had was this past October. It was my first October as a camgirl. I don’t know why, I don’t know the reason. Although I should start documenting what I do and what works and what doesn’t and take a more statistical approach but I hate statistics. Plus I lose everything anyway.

Danny – Ok nice.. well you went around the question a little.. I meant financially, what was the best, but I will come back to you on that. You also have cams, how does that work for you?

LilMissTease – You should have been more direct…. anyway, Cams are working pretty well. I have a decent amount of regulars and we have a routine, which I like. Routines just make it easier to manage. I am an old lady in a young body! I’m currently working on my cam schedule to accommodate to my life rather than the other way around.


Staying sane on Cams

It’s less stressful that way. I put my hours in, and then I shut off. I recently had a breakdown after a whole week of dead rooms. It drove me wild. I cried, a lot. It’s a huge mindfuck when you go days on end without making a dime and you’ve bills to pay. Even just chatting would be better than sitting there, smiling like a fucking mannequin. That’s why you’ll find me usually working on some kind of artwork or project I have or an idea that I want to try. It helps keep me motivated and positive. I’m not ignoring the cam, I’m keeping myself sane. I can only dance and sing for so long.

Sometimes I’ll even play my acoustic guitar, or Guzheng(Chinese zither), or practice my Ehru (Sort of like a Chinese violin. Secret: I’m awful). I also play an electric guitar, I am learning bass, I have a djembe and a Native American flute that I also play. In total, I can play 8 instruments. Some of which are not listed. I will often play my acoustic and then make up songs about my dead ass room, or tippers or what’s going on in life. Whatever comes to mind really.

Danny – Well sounds like you have your routines for keeping yourself busy which is good. We have written blogs on making more money on cams and also tips and tricks, perhaps take a read of those. Also, check out Top Cam of the Hour for realtime tips from the best. They are experience based posts more than anything else. You told us earlier about your best day, now tell us about your worst day, and why?

LilMissTease — My worst day? Oh gosh, this whole winter has been AWFUL! I learned that the holidays are a bad time. Very bad. So I started taking all the holidays off. Now if I’m not doing anything, then I might log on anyway just to BS with anyone willing to talk…but that does not happen often. It’s my first full year of camming and I learned that weekends during football season is basically futile. So I usually take Sundays off from cam business things and have the whole day with myself, my husband and my doggies. 🙂

Make hay when the Sun shines

Danny – Its really interesting to hear your observations about timing, because new cam models often want to know the sweet spot time to cam. I cannot say that all cam models have that experience. We have known many that make most of their money in exactly the times you mention are off times. It will most likely be a combination of geographical, social and cultural differences across populations that drive those spending patterns in viewers. We will investigate this area more indepth in a future blog.

Ok, what is the most unusual weirdest thing that you have ever been asked to do for a clip or video? are there any limits to what you would or would not do?

LilMissTease – I haven’t really come across anything really strange like “lick peanut butter off your feet” strange yet. But I look forward to it! I’m always up for something new and fun. Those I think are the really fun ones. I have been asked to shit on cam, but that’s not for me. So I declined. I never do anything I’m uncomfortable with.

Danny – Shit on cams.. wow that is tough.. LOL. So in your normal vanilla life, are you married..or with a long term partner, children?

LilMissTease – My Husband and I just got married last summer! But we’ve been together for 12 years.

Danny – How cool… together for 12 years, really proves you love each other. What are your plans for the future, where are you in 5 years time?


LilMissTease – Hopefully my business will be booming and I’ll be painting full time and camming part time. That’s my dream.

The Great Outdoors

Danny – Where do you live currently in the world? and if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

LilMissTease – I live in the good ol’ Midwest where corn and soy reign supreme! I really wouldn’t want to live anywhere else… I’ve considered Oregon or Alaska because we love the outdoors and often go wilderness backpacking. So being in nature is something very important to us both.

Danny – The Great Outdoors…everytime someone from the US mentions those terms it reminds me of the great John Candy movie of the same name. Tell us a little more about your passions outside of adult, tell us about art, what does it mean to you, do for you?

LilMissTease – I have many passions, wilderness backpacking being a huge one, and we plan on section hiking the Appalachian Trail in the future and finishing the whole thing. Right now, we have a home and responsibilities we can’t afford to take the time off to do an entire thru-hike. But there are some week long trails that we can do and plan on doing in the future! I love being outside, it’s quite, beautiful.

When backpacking it goes from euphoria to misery, and back to euphoria, then misery and then once you find camp it’s like fucking heaven. Backpacking forces you to have to pack a lot of calories in a small space, so peanut butter is a must.

Our favourite meal is chicken flavour ramen noodles with pre-cooked coconut rice. We also love peanut butter and chicken with dried shiitake mushrooms with soy sauce. It’s like a poor man’s pad tai and trust me, it’s fucking delicious. You should Try it! Just get some chicken flavour ramen and put some peanut butter in it to thicken it and oh.. my… god. But I wouldn’t eat it on the regular cause it’s so high in calories, but when you’re walking 7+ miles all day, you need it and crave it.

I love to paint, draw, anything artsy really. I went to school but couldn’t finish. I’m in the process of finishing my bachelors in fine art, I have a couple of classes to go but I haven’t had the time or money to finish yet. But I’ll eventually finish! It’s very therapeutic and I get into the zone and totally block out pretty much everything. Also I love drawing other models and offer portraits for only 15$ I hope to be able to buy a printer and be able to offer prints for sale to the model only for them to do what they wish with them!

Danny – Ohh I am so hungry just listening to you talking about food.. ok last question, if you had a single wish… what would it be?

LilMissTease – That soo easy.. I just want to be financially stable and comfortable. Being famous or rich has no interest for me. Stable sales and getting by, making people happy and making art, that is me! I’m in the process of making an Instagram account for the drawings of models that I do. Thank you so much for this opportunity! And I hope to work with you again in the future! Xoxo

Danny – Thank you so much for your time today. You have been so open in our discussion. I think you brought many new ideas to the discussion that new aspiring models will relate too. We definitely look forward to watching you and working with you in the future.

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