Make Money Selling Clips Of Yourself in 2018

Make Money Selling Clips of Yourself this year

Does it sound exciting or daunting to make money selling clips of yourself, perhaps it sounds quite seedy when written like that but in reality, it is not. Human beings look at each other every day with admiration, excitement, love and any number of other emotions. One of the greatest emotions is physical desire, and the late great Dusty Springfield sang it best in her song “The Look of Love”. Physical desire underpins the entire evolution of human beings, and perhaps even other species of animal.

Selling clips of yourself is a fantastic way to earn extra cash, or simply to kickstart a fantastic new career in the adult world if you so desire. There are so many ways to make money selling clips of yourself, but this is the one with the most viewers and the largest network of sites so that your content gets the best exposure. A great example of a successful cam model that sells her clips on ManyVids is Charlennee, check her out here.

If you have already started online web modelling, take a look at 12 Tips for making more money on Chaturbate or Top 5 Tips for Cam Models .

Make Money Selling Clips Of Yourself


ManyVids Videos in your portfolio

ManyVids videos should be a part of your overall strategy in the adult world if you are already doing things like online cam and phone sex. Chaturbate Bongocams and Cam Soda are fantastic networks for online cam and streaming video, but ManyVids is the best site for selling your short clips and videos. It is a different market for you to market yourself into.

Free ManyVids

As a beautiful model out in the real world, you will be aware that fraudsters and scammers are always stealing content, so whether you are on cam or posting videos, someone out there will be trying to make money from your content. Essentially you are giving away your content for these people to make money on. Get yourself a free account on ManyVids and start selling your own content in all the formats you want. Short ManyVids clips, long clips, teaser trailers for your social media, you choose how you want to use and sell your content. The options are limitless.

ManyVids is such a fast growing adult clip and video community which means that many of your potential buyers and tippers that will follow you to other paysites and cams/phones will be visiting Many Vids anyway. There are so many niches on Many Vids that some models are using Many Vids just to sell their fetish foot videos for example. If you want to make money selling clips of yourself its a great idea to pick a niche or fetish as it will mean that you get more targeted traffic. This is especially true if you can create amazing content.

ManyVids as a Testing Tool

We know from experience that ManyVids is a great platform to sell your clips and to test your audience and what they like before you invest time and effort into creating larger pieces of video content which can be expensive in time, resources and money. You may also find that your fans and followers tip and request specific types of videos. You can use the feedback you get from the purchases in ManyVids to simply create more focused niche content.

Manyvids Promo Code 2018

ManyVids are always running some form of promotion, clip sale or MV Star event live. This constant attention and promotion mean that they achieve strong organic search ranking regularly. This effort put in by the MV team is highly beneficial for you as a clip seller because it means that your content has more chance of being seen by a wider variety of people and buyers.

How Do I Sign up as an MV Girl, MV Boy, MV Trans MV Star or Producer?

It’s easy! Just create your free account by clicking on the logos above or below. Confirm your email address by clicking the confirmation link automatically sent to your email.

Once the email is confirmed you must upload a valid, government-issued ID which shows your date-of-birth to confirm that you are 18+. You can upload your ID by going

You can upload your ID by going to: My MV > Settings > Documents in the main drop-down menu on your profile page.

Your application will be reviewed and approved within 24 hours, but normally within hours.

As soon as your account is approved, you can upload and sell vids, photos, store items etc. right away.

Make Money Selling Clips Of Yourself

How Long Does it Take to Create My Profile and Upload My First Vid?

Once you have been approved, creating your profile and uploading some nice pictures will take you approx. 5 mins. The speed of uploading a vid depends on the length. On average every vid takes about 5 mins to upload and an extra 2 mins to edit (set your price, enter a description …)

Depending on your internet connection, you can also upload multiple vids at once. Your profile will be up and ready to earn money in no time! This is even better if you already have an active audience ready to devour your clips. There is no doubt that Many Vids is one of the best networks to make money selling clips of yourself out there.

The entire process is very simple and self-explanatory, However, if you are having trouble with any of these steps, feel free to contact the helpful ManyVids team by using their live chat feature or you can email them at

Is it expensive to become a Member of MV or an MV Star?

  • Absolutely not, there are no fees to join as an MV Star. It is free and always will be.
  • It is also free to join ManyVids as a Member. As a Free Member, you can see previews of vids, as well as view various sections of the site such as the MV Blog and the MV Mag. Feel free to comment on blog posts and on the walls of all our MV Stars.

What percentage of my sales will I keep?

ManyVids pays out 60% of all gross revenue to MV Stars. All content creators should receive the highest amount possible, they are the Star after all.

As with all networks, it is very important that ManyVids constantly improve the platform. They often add new features and make updates in order to make sure that MV is a platform where all MV Stars can become successful. This is in addition to all that they do in order to make sure that MV is as intuitive, secure, and user-friendly as possible. The remaining 40% is used for payment processing, chargebacks, servers cost, implementation of new features, research & development and more. They take care of all those technical aspects so that you can concentrate on creating amazing content.

If you are now interested in making huge sums of money on the content you already create sign up here or click the banner below.

Ultimately, this is another mechanism to get yourself financially free and able to do and be everything you want in your life. If you read this and can think of other ways to use Many Vids to help promote yourself and exceed, please do get in touch.

To learn more about how your can focus your mindset to making you money, check out Part 1 – Success Mindset for Cam Models


Make Money Selling Clips Of Yourself


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