Manyvids Visa Gift Card

Manyvids Visa Gift Card

Manyvids Visa Gift Card is a topic that keeps arising. So we will go through the issues experienced and the reasons for them. We aim to put this question to bed once and for all.

What is a Visa Gift Card?

Visa gift cards are simply cards that are given which represent a gift of money. They are also referred to as prepaid cards. Prepaid literally means that the cards have been purchased with a set amount of money already “loaded” onto the cards. Prepaid Visa and Mastercard are often given as “gifts” or used by people or companies that want to be discrete about their spending habits.

Visa gift and prepaid cards are used all over the world, by consumers and companies alike. Companies often use them as a way to reward employees on incentive programs. They are commonplace amongst sales-orientated companies as a way of providing sales incentives.

Does ManyVids accept Visa Gift Cards ?

The simple answer to this is YES. ManyVids accepts all sorts of Visa and Mastercard gift and prepaid cards. They are considered perfectly acceptable forms of payment.

As a platform ManyVids has been one of the most welcoming and accepting marketplaces for sex workers since its inception. As a general rule of thumb as long as you do not break any of the few rules and regulations that ManyVids has in place, they are willing to work with and accommodate all your needs. Whether you are a sex worker that sells products or a consumer wanting to purchase content from their platform.

Issues with Visa Gift and Prepaid cards

Having said the above some people will have issues. However these issues will be with your gift cards and not ManyVids. You should have no issues with visa gift cards on ManyVids . So to try and understand where the issues arise, lets explore how they work.

ManyVids Visa Gift Card

How do Visa Gift cards work ?

When you purchase anything, the Visa transaction is essentially 4 parts or parties,

The Merchant

This is the retailer and in this instance this is ManyVids .

The Acquirer

This is the financial institution that enables the merchant which in this example is ManyVids to be paid by the visa gift or prepaid cards.

The Issuer

The financial institution that provides the Visa cards and payment products.

The Cardholder

This is the consumer or the business that is using the visa cards. In this instance this is YOU.

Manyvids Visa Gift Card

Visa Gift Card Rules

There are key rules that all Visa users must abide by. Whether its ManyVids selling or consumers buying, there are rules set by Visa. These rules are clear, and simple.

The global Visa rules state that any form of Visa including Gift Cards should never be used to purchase, or trade in the following,

…..photographs, video imagery, computer-generated images, cartoons, simulation, or any other media or activities including, but not limited to, any of the following:
– Child pornography
– Bestiality
– Rape (or any other non-consensual sexual behavior)
– Non-consensual mutilation of a person or body part

Information from “Visa Core Rules and Visa Product and Service Rules” 2019

The rules are applied by Visa globally on all its users, sellers and buyers. Companies like ManyVids will in their terms and conditions also state that you must never sell any of those contraband items. This is basically the main rule. So on ManyVids you never have the ability to break this rule. The ManyVids platform prevents you from uploading or selling that type of content.

This means again that you should have no issues using Visa Gift Cards on the ManyVids platform.

Are you still having issues? OK then you need to talk with your Visa Gift Card provider. Ask them to check why they are cancelling your transactions or holding them.

Gift Cards – Adult Services & Age Verification

One area that you should consider when using Visa Gift Cards to purchase adult content is that the adult content providers will be using some form of age verification system. This system checks that their content is not being purchased by minors. This is a sensible and important check. This could be a reason for some adult platforms to prevent you from using Visa Gift Cards.

ManyVids do not prevent you using Gift Cards because they perform age verification and checks when you sign up. They ensure that you are applicable for their services. This means that when you choose to use a Visa or Mastercard Gift Card to purchase content from the ManyVids platform you will have no issues as they do not age verify at that point.

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ManyVids Visa Gift Card
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