Miss Lawanda Love You Long Time

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Miss Lawanda Love You Long Time

Miss Lawanda we are so glad to have come across you at the start of your career and one that will be amazing, we are sure. We first noticed you appearing in Twitter with links to your ManyVids where you were fast building content. Let’s start by saying your content is smoking hot. 🙂 We are so happy to have you introduced to our readers, and we are happy that you decided to join us today for this interview. Lets begin with the questions.

Danny – So Miss Lawanda , that is a really good name, but is it your real name or a stage name ? Also the name has quite an African continent feel to it. If its your real name, do you know the origins of the name?

Miss Lawanda – It is my stage name. You would not be able to pronounce my Thai name. I saw the name Lawanda somewhere and I just liked it. I also do Domination , so I added the Miss part.

Danny – OK lets start from the beginning, tell me something of your life before the adult industry, start from your teens please.

Miss Lawanda – I finished school at 18 in Issan and got married to a Thai man and we went on to have a son. Then I moved to Bangkok and worked in an electronics factory which meant that I was on the assembly line for 6 years. I then changed and went to work for a Cosmetics factory where I was supervisor in Quality control for 5 years.

Later I met a farang man, and I moved to Pattaya. In Pattaya I opened a massage shop for 2 years. I know this is sounding like I move around alot.. haha…after all that I went to Canada for 1 year. When I got back from Canada I got married to my husband. We have been married 5 years and always enjoyed experimenting with swinging and we both really like it.

It was only 2 months ago that I started in the Adult business. I began just posting movies which me and my husband made and uploading them to PornHub . Then I found ManyVids and started posting all our swinging movies. This is all soo exciting for me, and I am now also starting to do webcams too. I love movies, so I will continue to make sexy new videos as well. I love most sexual things, and would really like to find a niche which I enjoy.

Miss Lawanda

Photo Courtesy of Miss Lawanda– Click picture to watch her Live

Danny – Cool, that is one of the most comprehensive intros I have heard in a while….LOL. You have worked in many places, and clearly when you start you really put the effort in because you stayed at each place a good while. So why did you decide to enter the adult sex industry ?

Exhibitionist at heart

Miss Lawanda – Well basically because I get really excited when I am being watched having sex. I love it. It also makes me very happy when I can make a man cum for me. I really enjoy the excitement of being watched and being a dirty girl.

Danny – MMmm that is sexy, and you have exhibitionist tendencies, that is so hot. Sounds like the ideal thing to be in Thailand. I think most people know Thailand as being a party place, and sex is associated with Thailand in a big way, what do you think of that association, are you happy with it?

Miss Lawanda – Yes it is true. Most people think Thailand is all about sex. But in reality that is not true. There are actually only a few places where sex is the main attraction. For example Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket are the most known internationally. The rest of Thailand is full of simple hard working people, poor families who are mostly Buddhist faith.

Danny – Yes I have been there many times, but actually not visited Phuket or Pattaya. The reputation they have is definitely something I have heard about. So does your family know about your career choice? What do they think ?

Miss Lawanda

Photo Courtesy of Miss Lawanda– Click picture to watch her Live

Good Buddhist Girl

Miss Lawanda – Oh my! NO! I am a good girl from a good Buddhist family, and so they can never know! That is a big no no for me.

Danny – Oh wow that will be difficult , especially if you make it really big on the platforms, you will be held up as a Thai model superstar. Well I guess you can try to cross that bridge when you get there. So I noticed you are really pushing content on the ManyVids platform , is that the only place our readers can find you with lots of your fresh new content?

Miss Lawanda – ManyVids is the easiest, I can have music in the background and I don’t need to have passport identify for everybody in my movies which makes it easier. I mean really, who wants to have fun sex with no music? and I know and understand copyright issues etc, but common you can’t have good sex in silence..! Its background music, I am not selling the music.

I am also on PornHub but there is not much money to be made there, because everything is free so why would anybody buy movies. Pornhub is great to promote myself as they have over 20 million visitors per month which is amazing, and I hope that some of that traffic will transfer over to me… haha. I am also on Modelhub , Porn8 , Redtube and Youporn, but they are all part of Pornhub anyway.

Another area I am working on is getting movies up on Clips4Sale but they are a strict rules site, no music and passports required for everybody and they need minimum 10 movies before they will sell for you. I have 9 on with them, so expect to see me soon. But being new I don’t know about other sites so am keeping my eyes open for opportunities. I did try Hamster but they don’t allow anybody from Thailand which was a bit cruel…. sniff sniff

Danny – So you have really gone out on the movie angle, looking to sell through clip sites, that is interesting that you are currently less interested in the cam side and more in the clip sales. I would love to talk with you in a few months when things are settled and you are working to a more defined pattern to see if this has changed. You might also like the clips more because its part of your own enjoyment and sexuality, the thing you enjoy most.

I actually see lots of Twitter marketing happening on your account and most is directed to the ManyVids , so its clearly working for you to get visitors to your ManyVids . Normally models seem to go cam model first and then when they have built up content they move to clip sites like Onlyfans and Manyvids to sell the content they have created. You have however got lots of content from your own sexual adventures which makes it easier for you to go the other way. Many readers that are cam models themselves will be interested to hear this point. Also I know you have just started but how effective is Twitter marketing for you ?

Miss Lawanda – Well lets just say that I broke the 100 follower mark on Manyvids , and yesterday got 101. I think most of traffic is driven from Twitter but I am not sure yet, too early to say. Lots of girls on ManyVids have thousands of followers so I guess time will tell if Twitter will help me get there. Having already sold 71 movies though, it seems like there is certainly a lot of promise.

Danny – That is excellent, and I wish you 1 million followers if that is possible… LOL . I know we see that most of your tweets are going to the ManyVids , in terms of the cam time, which networks are you on, and how are you finding that?

Miss Lawanda

Photo Courtesy of Miss Lawanda– Click picture to watch her Live

All over the internet

Miss Lawanda – Well I am just getting started on camming and its only been 2 weeks so its tough at this stage. Just trying to find the correct site and time of day to do it etc takes time and hard work. Its funny because when you approached me I read your article 12 tips for cam models, and it suddenly made lots of sense to me. I will try some new things as a result of reading that… thank you.

Sorry to get back to your point, being in Thailand I am 14 hours ahead of North America so my times here are not great for me and my desired audience, but I am trying. I am currently trying ManyVids , iFriends , Camster and Chaturbate. My one worry is that there is so many young beautiful models out there….. scares me. I might be too old to compete with them….LOL. I see many girls with hundreds of thousands of followers and viewers. The most I have had at any one time is 86 viewers in one room.

So far the worst for me has been iFriends and only a little better with Chaturbate and ManyVids but I know it takes time to build the following. Most man want me to do everything for free and not tip but I know that with time I will build loyal followers who will pay for my time. Currently I am waiting for my 3 new toys to arrive from America that have the Bluetooth built in and respond to tips etc. I see many girls enjoying those… its going to be so much fun.

Danny – I am so glad to hear you read that article, you might be the first.. LOL This process does take time, but let me assure you, you are beautiful and age has nothing to do with this. I find it an unusual contradiction that men get older themselves but want younger and younger girls, I don’t think that is true for all men. I think that is a misconception and actually men want it all….LOL. Beautiful women are beautiful in all stages of life. There will be someone that loves exactly what you are at each age of your life.

Stay focused, perhaps if you can bear it read a few more articles like how to sell clips on clips site in 2018 and best times to broadcast on Chaturbate . Perhaps even get some tips by watching the Top Cam of the Hour which is always showcasing the best performers with 20k plus viewers watching them. Reading the success mindset might also get you more focused. Anyway enough of my own shameless plugs, getting back to you, even though you are new and everything is pretty fresh, do you ever get bored or tired? Do you have a specific exercise regime ?

Fake “baller” ruins the day

Miss Lawanda – Haha I was wondering when you would stop all that advertising.. haha. I have yet to do it everyday but I have had some problems like period, flu and I got a little discouraged with a bad experience on Chaturbate when a guy tricked me into believing he had tipped me more than $1500 USD and kept my time for 2 hours. However it was all fake. It was a hard lesson for me to learn. But that’s life correct? Learn from our mistakes and move on.

But as far as exercise goes, I spend a lot of my time on my pole dancing in my room. I love it and want to get very good at it one day. I posted a video of my pole dance on ManyVids . (It’s free!) I have a long way to go to be professional but I think I am do great sexy dancing soon.

Danny – Ohh that experience on Chaturbate sounds horrible, and without pointing fingers that could happen on any platform, so its clearly not Chaturbate’s fault but it shows that naughty people are out there waiting to take advantage if you are too trusting. You are right though, no point in dwelling on bad events, pick yourself up and move on. Do you cam with anyone else, if so who, or do you plan to in the future?

Miss Lawanda – Yes that is true, and I wont be taken for a fool again, so its helped me in some ways. Currently I am solo only, but I have my husband approved on 2 sites to do live sex show if anybody asks. (iFriends and Chaturbate ) LOL so who knows what the future holds.

Miss Lawanda

Photo Courtesy of Miss Lawanda– Click picture to watch her Live

Danny – Wonderful and I hope that you get requests for that in the future. What do you dislike the most about webcam modelling?

Nothing more boring then Freeloaders

Miss Lawanda – That is simple, the freeloaders who sit and watch and demand things for free with no tips. They can really make a tough session tougher… I love to be engaged, talking tipping licking sucking playing all good fun.

Danny – Yes that sounds like every cam models worst nightmare. When you masturbate on cam or in your videos, is it real? Or is that just really great acting ?

Miss Lawanda – Oh no! I love it, I love love love the sex, and like I mentioned earlier I get excited when I am watched during sex. I cum for real everytime!

Danny – I kind of knew that would be the case with you Miss Sexy Lawanda… LOL… ok so what is your favourite sex toy? And why?

Forget toys, real dicks for me please

Miss Lawanda- To be honest I don’t really have toys, I play with real dick all the time. However I am going to guess it will be my new Bluetooth toys when they arrive. I actually only have 3 dildos and a vibrator right now, and none are really my favourites. Domination toys are really what I enjoy more then anything else. Being the boss is my favourite sexual play and having my slave do what I want and punish him if he does not. Ohh I really love that.

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Danny – Ah ok so you like the fetish thing.. very interesting. Perhaps we should concentrate an interview on your Madame and Boss Lady side in the future. So coming to the questions most people want to know, and I know its difficult as you are just starting out, but how attractive is the financial side of webcams and clips for you? Are you doing this mainly for the money and if so , is it working?

Miss Lawanda – Wish I could say.. its just too soon to tell, but my dream is to be able to live comfortably with this income. I would like to dedicate all my time to this, and for it to be able to support me completely.

Danny – What is the most money you have ever made in a single day of camming? Or selling vids? and I know that its still really early in your experience.

Startup money

Miss Lawanda – $190 one time camming over 8 hours , and $465 selling 3 movies in 1 day but the rest of the time is really quite hard at this point.

Danny – Ok, those are actually quite good numbers, really happy for you. There are many that would not even make those at the start. In terms of ManyVids , you have 101 follower, was that easy to get ?

Miss Lawanda

Miss Lawanda – It was mostly through social but again I see it as really little compared to some girls with thousands. Although I do see that those with thousands of followers have normally been on the platform for 2 years or more. So lets see how that goes for me.

Danny – Yes that sounds a very reasonable plan..talking about cams again for a moment, what is the most unusual weirdest thing that you have ever been asked to do on webcam or in private chat? are there any limits to what you would or would not do?

Miss Lawanda – Ooo well telling you this is slightly bittersweet because my “Fake Tip Guy” had me fuck my ass with my big dildo (I have only ever had my ass fucked 3 times before) and fuck my pussy with my stiletto high heel. No I think because I am home and safe I can do anything that is asked of me if they are tipping good…so other then the fake tip guy no one has asked anything that went even close to my limits.

Danny – What are your plans for the future, Where are you in 10 years time?

Sipping Cocktails on the Beach

Miss Lawanda – Easy.. Sipping Mai Tais on a resort beach and travelling more.

Danny – If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Miss Lawanda – Well I live in Pattaya Thailand and that is kind of paradise already, but I liked it in Canada other then the cold which I did not like -38 C in winter! brrrr! . I think I will be happy to live in Thailand but maybe in the south.

Danny – Very good… ok last question, if you had a single wish… what would it be?

Miss Lawanda – I would wish that I had enough money to buy my parents a nice house and give them a good life for their remaining years. I would also like to give my kids a good life and have a good life myself with my husband.

Danny – Wow those are all such admirable and beautiful aims, we wish you all the luck to achieve them. Thank you Miss Lawanda, I will say that you have given us a fantastic interview, which has been honest and telling. Prospective models can learn from you and perhaps viewers can know a little about what makes you feel good. We appreciate your time and wish you all the best for the future.

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Miss Lawanda


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