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Photo Courtesy of SophyDiva – Click to See her perform


Some adult cam models have the business attitude to succeed, and SophyDiva is one of them. SophyDiva literally forced herself into our view by being consistent to cam, everyday and at the same time… so it was inevitable that we would see her perform. We approached her, and she was gracious enough to accommodate us for a few beautiful hours. Read below the interview and then share and retweet and comment. We want to know what you think, that is why we do this.

Consistency wins loyal viewers

Danny – Huge thank you SophyDiva for joining us in our humble interview set today. As we always do, and so that our readers understand who you are, can you start by you introducing yourself, stage name, and real name if you are able?

SophyDiva –Hello Danny, my name is Sophia, and yes it’s my real name, which I shortened to the name Sophy. I broadcast under the nickname Sophydiva, being a full-time model.

Danny – Wonderful Sophia, and may I say what a lovely name Sophia is. I hope you wont mind for this interview, I will call you SophyDiva so that my readers memorise your stage name. Let me start by telling you that one thing that really attracts us is consistency. Let me explain what I mean for you. When we come across models that are focused and consistent we always see success. We see consistency as one of our criteria for success and we discuss this in another post about making money online. You stood out to us, and we reached out because you were so consistent in your cam schedule, always on time, and online everyday. We were not surprised to see that you had 319 thousand Chaturbate followers and 7 thousand Twitter followers.  We watched you perform from that initial watch and then reached out to you. Your Chaturbate broadcasts are always full of energy, what made you start adult webcams?

SophyDiva – Thank you so much, sounds cool that you analysed me… I’ve always been a very talkative person, with a lot of time and not too many friends. I started camming because I felt my life was not moving forward, and also out of curiosity. Talking about my energy, I believe that if you love what you are doing it can be incredibly simple to be energetic and happy all the time.

Danny – We totally agree, energy and passion are so crucial to success. Your shows attract lots of people, why do you think that is? Does Twitter marketing help or something else?



Photo Courtesy of SophyDiva – Click to See her perform

Passion and energy rule

SophyDiva – In my opinion, it’s because people that are visiting my room feel that I am relaxed and willing to satisfy their fantasies – I don’t judge, and often their fantasies are similar to my own. Also, Twitter is a great network to promote on, but my biggest marketing tool is my hard work and dedication.

Danny – Its interesting you say that hard work and dedication, because we strongly believe in that and consider it one of our tips for success. Time and time again we see models follow the simple formula of hard work and become super successful. Another interview we recently did with the amazing cam couple Dee and Doug highlights that they also see adult camming as a business and the need to treat it like a business. So how long have you been doing adult web cams on the Chaturbate network? Have you had a chance to go to one of the expo shows with Chaturbate ?

SophyDiva – I’ve been camming since 2016 but I had a break for 3 months. I wish I had gone to the expo; maybe next year I will participate in an expo representing Chaturbate .

Danny – Wonderful, I bet you made so much money that you thought you would take 3 months off to roll around in the $100 dollar bills LOL, only joking. So when you go on Chaturbate, what is the thing you enjoy most about being online?  Is it the tokens, the people, the sex?

SophyDiva – I would say that the feelings I get and the adrenaline is what keeps me moving forward. Since I am also single, the sex is also very important.

Danny – Yes we have watched you perform and you are definitely quite high, with excitement and energy, so being on webcams every day must be really tiring. Do you ever get bored? Do you have a specific exercise regime to help maintain your energy ?

Tasha the cam partner in crime

SophyDiva – Funnily enough, I never get bored. Every time I log on, there is someone in my room who is willing to have a conversation with me. Furthermore, my friend Tasha is a hilarious person and time flies so fast when I’m with her.

Danny – Ahh ok well I was going to ask about your cam partner, Tasha. So most cam sessions we viewed, you were online as a couple with another model. Is Tasha your life partner? Or is it just teamwork? Does working as a couple work better than being alone on cam?

SophyDiva – She’s one of my best friends, and she shares the same passion as me. Working as a couple it’s not necessarily better on the earnings, but it works well because you have someone else to talk to and share thoughts and fun with.

Danny – Yes I can imagine, and Tasha seems like a really fun girl, she also gives 1000 per cent on cam with you. However, it cannot all be sunshine and rainbows, LOL, what do you dislike the most about webcam modelling?

SophyDiva – Really, at this point I don’t dislike anything, but in the past, the only thing I hated was the alarm clock, because I mostly broadcast in the morning…and waking up can be a pain. 

Danny – Ohh we all know that pain, but at least you get to work from home. Talking about the cam sessions , sorry if this sounds a little rude, but do you actually cum when you play with yourself for tokens, or is that fake? I ask because when you read internet comments, most people think girls fake orgasms.



Photo Courtesy of SophyDiva – Click to See her perform

Fake orgasms never succeed

SophyDiva – I never fake anything because I don’t feel comfortable doing it, and I also do not think I’m very good at faking things. So in answer to your question, I really cum, and I can because I don’t have a partner to release my hormones. Whenever I cum it’s natural and 100% real.

Danny – Brilliant, well that is so nice to hear, and I always thought you were real. When we watched your orgams they looked very REAL!!! LOL . In terms of online adult sites, are you currently on any other webcam networks? Or clip sites?

SophyDiva – I only broadcast on Chaturbate , and I believe in loyalty. I think that I belong here, and also I want to focus all my attention in one direction only. I don’t think this will ever change. 

Danny – Wonderful, and loyalty is a trait that is so hard to find in today’s world. We see cam models jump around on networks, but I do think its very professional of you that you are loyal to one network, and especially if they treat you right.  Talking about Chaturbate, most people cam for the money and nothing else, so is it rude to ask whether you are making lots of money with Chaturbate ?

Money talk

SophyDiva – Being honest, I have never counted the amount of money I earn. I really believe that if you can make only 1$ more than you spend it’s ok for a good life.

Danny – Sounds very noble of you, and my mind is now wondering because being that noble probably means you earn the most LOL, so what is the most money you have ever made in a single day of camming on Chaturbate ?

SophyDiva – I can’t tell the amount because I don’t want to look like I’m bragging. That being said, it was a 4 figure amount… HAHAHA

Danny – Ooo that is so hot. Imagine that…. there are almost no other industries where you can earn that amount of money in a single day. The money side is such a hot topic that we have written posts on having a success mindset to maximise money , as well as specifically making money on Chaturbate in 2018 .  Moving to your family for a moment as readers are always interested. In your normal life, are you single, married, partner, children?

SophyDiva – I am single and hot, HAHA. I’m only 21 years old, so no marriage yet or anytime soon.

Danny – Perfect, so that gives our readers some hope of maybe bumping into you and falling in love.. LOL. Talking about scenarios, what is the most weird thing that you have ever been asked to do on webcam or in private chat? are there any limits to what you would or would not do?

Can you shave your head?

SophyDiva – The weirdest thing asked by a member was to shave my head because in his vision I looked like an actress that used to be bald.

Danny – Ooo I am glad you did not do that.. or did you???  LOL, so aside from shaving your head, what are your plans for the future, Where are you in 10 years time?

SophyDiva – I like travelling and exploring new places, so maybe I will be visiting some foreign countries.

Danny – Yes most cam models use this industry to travel and enjoy life. Where do you live currently? and if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

SophyDiva – I live in Europe, and I would like to live in an exotic island. Seychelles maybe?

Danny – That is a beautiful location… I hope in time you fulfil that idea. So last question, and it does not apply so much to you as we know you are a Chaturbate but of all the professional and amateur webcam networks out there, is there one that you might like more then Chaturbate if you were not on Chaturbate ?



Photo Courtesy of SophyDiva – Click to See her perform

SophyDiva and Chaturbate all the way

SophyDiva – Let me think… hmmm.. NOPE, its Chaturbate of course. I even have some tops and caps with them which I wear while driving… even walking around. Sometimes I even sleep with them.

Danny – LOL well I think I expected that answer… your loyalty is impeccable, I do hope that they recognise the amazing Chaturbate advocate that they have in you.

The big thank you

Sophia we thank you for your time, and we loved every minute. You are beautiful, loyal and an amazing performer. There is no limit to how far you will go in this game, and we wish you the best. We just hope that when you get there you will remember us…  🙂

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