Top 5 Tips for Cam Models

Top 5 Tips for Cam Models that want to be High Earning Cam Stars

Being the best Cam model is not an accident, and these Top 5 Tips for Cam Models will help you prepare. Tips and tricks are so important for success that along with other articles we have compiled this important list of the top 5 tips to get you started. To be a top Cam model for websites such as Chaturbate or BongoCams takes more than just an HD camera and a smile. The below list will get you thinking and preparing, or testing and tweaking what you already do for better results. Enjoy and comment.

1- Schedule your broadcasts

Top 5 Tips for Cam Models - Sexy Clock for Sale

Timing is everything, and making sure that you are available on cam is important if you wish to build a loyal following. For tips on choosing the best time to be on cam, check out the post on the Best times to broadcast on Chaturbate

If you want to be successful you will need loyal followers and ideally millions of them. These loyal followers will talk about you, and praise you in their own groups, which in turn creates you more followers and spenders. We have a really interesting interview blog that covers the importance of timing with cam couple Dee and Doug, have a read here, you will be fascinated.

2 – Be gracious to your biggest tippers

Loyalty must always be rewarded in one form or another. The biggest retail stores in the world live and die by this philosophy and create all kinds of loyalty cards and schemes to maintain and build there loyal following. In the world of online cams, this is no different. For each person that shows you the love and kindness of tips and follows, give them something. For the simple followers this might just be a smile and a thank you in the live cam room, but for the largest top tippers and the ones that continually spend with you, give them something that they and others cannot buy. Imagine for a moment, a top tipping fan already buys your time and pays for the privilege of your pictures, videos and private time in cam rooms, so think outside the box. For the top tippers, the ones that make online cams the lucrative adventure that they are, perhaps send them a personal email. Tell them something about yourself which you would only tell a friend…. do something to take care of that customer.

Remember that each top tipper is a customer. I am not saying that the customers always right because as all top cam models will know, in the world of cams, there are also some real jerks that are top tippers. However, do treat the top tippers like customers, to ensure that they come back to you time and time again.

If you expect loyalty, then also be prepared to give it

Gratitude goes a long way to helping you reach your goals. Gratitude is a common factor amongst all the top-earning cam models. For a perfect example of gratitude, check out cam superstar @Caylin on

3 – Look directly at your audience and engage them

Top 5 Tips for Cam Models - AdultChat X Capture attention

This is one of the hardest ones for all newbie cam models to do, and I can tell you why. When you first start, you will have very few viewers and trying to engage them will be difficult. It is at this point that most cam models fall into the habit of doing other things when they are on cam. It is very common to find cam models, checking their phones, engaged in talking to friends, or people off cam, and altogether looking completely disinterested.

Can I understand why they act like that?  of course I can, because when you only have a few viewers, and even they are hardly interacting with you, keeping your enthusiasm up is very difficult.

In the tough times, dig deep into your soul and power forward 

When you feel that you are about to lose interest or the will to live on cam, stop yourself. Catch yourself in that moment, and lift yourself up. Realise that everything is hard when you first start a new endeavour. You need to battle through these early cam days and build your audience. To build your audience you must engage and entice your audience to participate with you. Think up ways to entertain them on cam, and I don’t mean simply taking off all your clothes, although for some cam models this does the trick 🙂

Think outside the box

and push yourself to engage the audience. Making the extra effort now will be the difference between each person visiting your cam room and moving on, or visiting and then clicking follow to return in the future.

4 – Offer your naughty merchandise for sale

Top 5 Tips for Cam Models - Adult Chat X Naughty Toys

Whether you have been on cam for a while, are about to set up or still in the planning stages, think about merchandising and product sales. The adult cam marketplace is driven by adults wanting to purchase photos, video sets, worn underwear and millions of other items. So think about what you are willing to sell and then create the appropriate messaging within your chosen adult cam provider. Within Chaturbate, you have the ability to add links to products and video sets. Create yourself an Amazon web wishlist, which is quite easy within Amazon, and make sure to add all the items that you need for the camming process. I would suggest a good balance of simple cheap and high-end expensive items. The cheap items can cover your basic camming toolset, lotions, potion, sex toys etc. The higher end items will be for pure luxury and attract the top tippers with bigger pockets to indulge.

5 – Stick to your word

I have seen many cam models get lost in a swarm of insults and negative feelings, because he or she did not do the show promised at the token value. It seems to be an obvious one but still many cam models make this mistake. Make your token goals clear and simple, and then when token values are reached, do the show, and your audience will love you for it. Each visitor is a potential spending customer and your business is to entice the token money out of their pockets before they move on.


Being a cam model is not easy, but starting out on the right footing is a great way to begin. If you can think of other tips and tricks, let us know below in the comments and they could feature as future blog posts. If you enjoyed these top 5 tips for Cam Models, then make sure you bookmark and follow for more interesting content.

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