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Eliza Beets

Photo Courtesy of Eliza Beets – Click on the picture to see her perform


Eliza Beets came out of the blue. We spend hours each day scouring the internet and cam sites like Chaturbate Bongacams and Stripchat for the next big cam star. We know the formula for successful models because we have written posts about it, but these cam models are hard to find. In our industry persistence pays, and that is how we found Eliza Beets , and below is the fantastic conversation that we had with her.

Eliza Beets or Beats

Danny – Hi Eliza, firstly thank you for agreeing to interview for us. When we look at you we see an uber cool funky cam cat, and I know that sounds crazy, but it is my way of saying that you have the cooooool factor. You are unique as a cam model and carry yourself with a sexy positive vibe and we always look to reach out to the people that are “different” and creating their own journeys.  So here we are!! To start with is your name Eliza Beets or Beats because when we were trying to find information on you we got profiles on both and didn’t know whether it was a copycat or just an old profile of yours. Also is that a screen name or is that your real name? I feel like this is your real name, am I right or wrong?

Eliza Beets – Hi Danny, I’d say Eliza is halfway my real name 😉 I had been referring to my “alter ego” as Eliza for years. Elizabeth happens to be my middle name as well… so there’s probably something to that. In regard to the Beets or Beats, it’s either and both LOL.. some are older profiles, but I will give you the correct profiles before we end this interview.

Danny – Ok cool that’s fine, so let me start by saying thank you because we have watched you for a while and a number of our team commented on your style and poise and a particular part of your appearance…..which we will talk about shortly. So to begin, can you please tell us how you describe your current job, and we always ask this because we are interested in the way people see themselves?

Eliza Beets– Wow, I feel shocked and flattered reading that you and your team have “watched me for a while” and “commented on my style and poise” I feel like a giddy little girl hearing things like that. How I describe my current job is typical, as an online adult entertainer. Or I will use the term Web Cam Model depending on my audience.

Danny – Well we are glad you like it, because we like to be open and genuine, and if we like something we like to tell the person up front. Why don’t we start by you telling us how this all started for you. How did you get into the world of webcam modelling and Twitter?

Humble beginnings

Eliza Beets– Ok cool, It all began in my sober living home in California in March 2017.  I and 2 of my housemates were searching for jobs with no luck and the pressure of being able to maintain our new healthier lives with enough time for self-care and without becoming overwhelmed with deadlines or scheduling was daunting. 1 of the girls had worked on Chaturbate a little the previous year and the other had also worked in the sex industry. I, however, had never thought I’d find myself in the business of sex work. At the same time, I was working heavily with the idea of getting out of my comfort zone. I was strapped for cash, and decided it was the perfect opportunity. It was later that evening after discussing camming further amongst ourselves as an option that we hopped online, submitted what we needed for Chaturbate and ordered a webcam with an Amazon gift card, a Christmas present from my parents 2 years earlier and VIOLA! we were webcam models.

Danny – Ah ok, sounds like you really just fell into the world of camming with a little encouragement from friends that had already tried it. We find that models normally get into cam modelling because they know someone that has tried it or is currently doing it and says good things. Either way, you are in now 🙂   What about your Twitter? we can see your twitter following is growing daily, and you already have a few thousand loyal followers, that like and retweet your content. What were you doing before the world of social media to get yourself noticed and get a few thousand followers, we ask because marketing is one of the greatest issues faced by performers when they start out and we discuss this with every model, another model SophyDiva had some interesting insights on marketing too.


Eliza Beats

Photo Courtesy of Eliza Beets – Click on the picture to see her perform

Marketing and Loyalty

Eliza Beets– Ugh marketing! I’ve always kind of thought of social media as a task, so I didn’t really jump on the train right when I started because I simply didn’t want to. Haha, but it was soon undeniable how beneficial and important self-promotion was. It really makes a huge difference. It was a whole year of webcamming before I even looked at Instagram and very rarely posted on Twitter. I also really hated having my picture taken believe it or not! I loved being behind the camera… but in front of it I felt a little too vulnerable and exposed- even with my clothes on! I was nervous and hadn’t used any of my personal accounts for self-expression before so it was a whole new world to me and I wasn’t sure what type of persona I wanted to put out for the world to see.

I’m really not sure how I got by that first year… custom videos and private shows helped a lot I suppose. ManyVids.com was a good outlet, too. My social media skills picked up as confidence in myself and what I was doing started picking up. It’s funny, it seems so clear now that the best and easiest persona to put out there would just be me, but it wasn’t at first, that was just one of many beautiful lessons I’ve learned from being in the camming industry. My tip for new cam models is market yourself right from the start, do not wait a single minute. 

Danny – Cool that is really great advice, the way you describe your realisation that it was you that needed to just be you, is common for new models trying to find their way. There is so much confusing information for models. New models often feel that they need to fill this niche or that niche, but really the niche they need to fill is THEM. Be YOU and that will work as one of our other fantastic interviews with a Canadian model Arielle revealed. This moves us nicely to you Eliza, because you are absolutely being YOU, and what I mean is the HAIR !!!!!   🙂   You have chosen to go the natural unshaven look in your profile photos and performances, and this suggests something of your character, but can you please expand on those choices a little for us?

Hairy Dilemma or not

Eliza Beets- Yes, I would say I’m definitely known for my armpit hair and “hot bush”, a nickname given to me within the first few days of camming;) I honestly think it all began as kind of a laziness thing years ago. I was going through a little depression and I just didn’t see the point in shaving or any of it. When I came out of that episode, I just didn’t start shaving again. Instead, I had found beauty and empowerment in my body hair. I decided it should stay and I’m so glad I did! I don’t enjoy shaving or how my body reacts to it growing back. While some girls feel empowered and beautiful from shaving, I don’t. I enjoy my natural little shadows and my extra time to stand in the shower and stare into space;) I’ve also found great community and insight from the whole body hair movement. I think it encourages people to be who they are, even if it has nothing to do with body hair.

Danny – It is so nice to hear you speak, and I feel that you are comfortable in your skin, which is one of the keys to success.   Have you had any negative or positive feedback from viewers in regards to your choices about going natural? You know that the adult industry seems to want everybody plucked clean like spring chickens?

Eliza Beets – Haha plucked like a clean spring chicken, a perfect image. Yes, I have had negative feedback from being hairy, however, it doesn’t even come close to the amount of positive feedback I receive. The negative comments I see as just naive, and a manifestation of an insecurity they have themselves. I try to politely let them know that I wasn’t lying when I hashtagged #hairy and that there are plenty of beautiful shaved women on the website they can go look at instead if they want. And as for all the supportive and encouraging comments I receive.. it just makes my heart so warm and continues to encourage me to be comfortable with myself and that people love me just the way I am.


Eliza Beets

Photo Courtesy of Eliza Beets – Click on the picture to see her perform


Danny – Ohh I am feeling warm and fuzzy knowing that you get so much positive feedback, and it restores my faith in basic humanity. In terms of networks, and audience, we can see that you are always on Chaturbate and ManyVids , have you considered some of the newer players in the market like Stripchat ?

Eliza Beets – I am actually really poorly versed in the world of webcams! I have no idea who the newer players even are but I know about MFC and Streammates , but I’m comfortable on Chaturbate . I have definitely toyed with the idea of broadcasting from other sites as a way to increase my income, but I haven’t acted on it yet.

Danny – Ok well we will give you some tips because Chaturbate is amazing, but there are also some networks like Bongacams and Stripchat that any good model should get listed on. I will send you links after this interview. To pry a little closer to home, the adult industry can still seem quite seedy to many people, have you told your family about your profession? and if you have, how do they feel about the world of cams and glamour?

Family ties

Eliza Beets – Yes, I have told my family. I actually told them rather early on, as I was working on improving my life and focusing on being honest with myself and others. It was not the easiest thing I’ve ever done, I was very anxious about their reaction as I was raised quite conservatively and Christian. However, my parents both surprised me by not disowning me! It’s safe to say that I am in no way in the profession of their hopes for me, but it also doesn’t make them love me any less. It’s just a subject they choose to not talk about with me. And I am fine with that. Even more surprising was my grandmother’s reaction! While initially, she was the most judgemental, she was also the only one who asked me questions and seemed interested in my choice of work. Today she is the only family member who inquires about how work is going and doesn’t make me feel like I need to hide that part of my life. It’s actually quite inspiring and refreshing. She’ll be 83 this year! It really goes to show that, “It’s just their generation” is NEVER an excuse for any of the “ist” or their discrimination.

Danny – That is so cool, you went the truth and tell all route and it worked for you. So many models suffer terribly with the family element, and your grandma is truly an exception, she sounds like a wonderful lady. Now moving on, you are clearly deeply involved in the online adult space, and your profiles shine of professionalism and style, but what about your private life, are you really a sexual sensual person? do you enjoy sex, fetishes etc or is that all just the persona created for work?

Eliza Beets – Thanks for the compliment 🙂 Seriously your questions make me blush. Yes, in my private life I would consider myself a sensual and sexual person. I love sex. And While this is true and has been for a while, growing up it was always a part of myself I thought I needed to be ashamed of or hide. I waited (for what I thought) was a while before having sex because I thought I was going to hell if I had sex before marriage. But after my senior prom night, yes, I lost my virginity on prom night, it was on;) But it was an energy I didn’t know much about or how to express it or IF I should express it. Anyhow, I won’t get into all that;) Long story short, Webcamming is a wonderful outlet that continues to allow me to feel comfortable in my sexuality. I find the world of fetishes fascinating! I welcome them all and love being able to accept people as they are and learn more about what I like or don’t like along the way. In my private life, I’ve always been into BDSM stuff, I very much enjoy being both dominant and submissive in bed! But only since Chaturbate have  I adopted armpit licking and toe sucking as sexual practices I enjoy.

Growing pains

Danny – You sound like you went through some growing pains which I am sure that many of our readers will know and appreciate. Those teenage years are a difficult time for most people, and certainly for me as well.  Ok jumping back to your camming for a moment, you know that audiences love to watch a person that is engaging and enjoying themselves and it drives viewers to tip and participate. So what is your most sexually sensitive body part? And why?

Eliza Beets – Hmm, I’m not sure if I understand the question fully, but I find my armpits, feet and bush really bring my people in. But for me, the clitoris would be my most sexually sensitive body part, duh;)

Danny – LOL ok so your bush and pits are the money makers, lucky girl, those are your “tail feathers” LOL .. ok so part of us wanting to interview awesome performers like you is to hear your story and your take on adult work. We want to know how you think because that helps new cam models and those considering adult work, and some that would never consider it, but like to look in the fishbowl. So let’s play a game so that the readers can get an idea of you as a person, so …. if you won the lottery, what would you spend the money on? would you leave the world of glamour and pursue something else?

Eliza Beets – TRAVEL. I just want to travel the world with my husband. And for sure make sure all my friends and family had their debt paid off and everything they needed to live a quality life. I’d make donations toward an organisation I believed in. Probably something that favoured our mother earth, sustainable energy research, or one that helps out minorities. My dream job, however, is to open some kind of alternative healing space where people can work through their shit utilising things like movement, art, Reiki, plant-based diets etc. essentially a place where people can learn to heal themselves. It would ideally be a non-profit, income based tuition or donation only. No, I do think I’d continue to cam if I won the lottery.. However, I’d still like to be involved in advocating for sex workers. I’d definitely still be on twitter and probably take custom video requests  😉 I like making those.

Eliza Beets

Photo Courtesy of Eliza Beets – Click on the picture to see her perform

Danny – I kind of thought you were going to say that… you look like your having so much fun when you’re on cam. You don’t look like your just there for the money. Delving deeper still, are you married or in a partnership, do you have children?

Chaturbate marriages

Eliza Beets – I just got married 12/27/17! I actually met my husband on Chaturbate..!

Danny – Ohh congratulations, and it might be worth asking Chaturbate if they have any stats on how many of their models married other models. Chaturbate could consider themselves a adult dating agency LOL . OK so in terms of your twitter and public posts, you are always super sexy and fun, please tell us something we would never guess about you? something shocking or unusual?

Eliza Beets –Mostly I do sexy and fun posts yes. I like to retweet interesting things as well. I have only recently started using it as an outlet for my own personal expression too, just posting thoughts that run through my head and such. Um shocking and unusual… I actually don’t like being looked at or having a lot of attention on me! Camming was something that really took me out of my comfort zone, it’s been really great for me and I like the attention when I work, but off camera, I still don’t like to draw attention to myself.

Danny – Ok, the future, what is Eliza doing in 10 years time?

Eliza Beets – There would be absolutely no way for me to answer that.. haha every plan I’ve ever made has turned into something else entirely! I assume I’ll still be loving my life and loving my little family though.

Danny – You are too modest…. you will be flying high I am sure. You have been on cam for a while, and building a loyal following, and achieving success, so what is the single most expensive thing you have ever purchased from your earnings in the cam model game?

Earning like a baller

Eliza Beets – You know I really haven’t bought one big thing… I just pay my rent and bills on time and eat good food.

Danny – LOL ok so you want to look modest… I see the game plan here LOL, so let me try another tact, what was the single biggest tip or payout you ever had from webcam sites that you use?

Eliza Beets – My biggest night was a Friday evening and I logged off at just under $1000. That was awesome! But I haven’t had another day like that for a while.

Danny – Wow that is a great Friday… and what is the most unusual request that you have ever been asked to do on webcam or in private chat? are there any limits to what you would or would not do?

Eliza Beets – Umm there are several interesting things… Just sitting there and sniffing my armpits is always fun, I had someone want to be humiliated while they, excuse my language, shit on themselves- that was interesting..:) Husbands wanting me to convince their wives to have sex with another man. The list goes on. For me, everything has a price. And the best part about my job is that I’m always in charge of setting it.

Danny – Spoken like a true capitalist… I knew there was one in there… LOL… so where do you live currently? please don’t give us your home address, I can’t be held responsible for who might turn up wanting to sniff your armpits, but in general LOL ? and if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

The World and everything in it

Eliza Beets – I live in Indiana currently. I’m not really sure, I want to do a lot more travelling..! There is so much to see and do. But eventually, I’d like to end up somewhere by an ocean with good weather.

Danny – We get the feeling that you have some strong thoughts about the adult industry, are there topic areas you think do not get addressed properly? are there things you think should be handled better by the industry?

Eliza Beets – You know, I’m new to the whole sex worker world but I studied Sociology in school and feel quite strongly about standing up for the rights of those that are oppressed. There is such a huge stigma attached to sex work. I feel like I’d love to see that change in my lifetime. Sex work for whatever reason is not seen as being “feminist” by everyone. Since I’ve had such an empowering experience and see empowered women in the industry every day, I feel like that is something that needs to be acknowledged more.

Danny – So last question, and thank you so much for your time today, of all the professional and amateur webcam networks out there, is there one that you like the most?

Eliza Beets – Well I met my husband on Chaturbate … so I’m a little biased.

Danny – Not surprised to hear you say Chaturbate , we hear that a lot which is why we have written posts like how to make money in 2018 and how to make it as a cam girl. Thank you, Eliza, you have been a gentle soul, and we have loved talking to you. We have written posts about success mindsets for cam girls,  and we feel like you bring a different highly valuable perspective to that discussion, perhaps we can have you again in the future for a deeper talk. For now, we hope that our readers will understand you a little better, and love you more, and we wish you health and wealth.

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